Reacting to IDubbbz’s Content Cop on Jake Paul

Bro honestly, I'm bored as [email protected]#! I mean, there's nothing to do

YouTube is dead, ever since school started, YouTube has been dead No school, there's no drama or anything No drama! No, no one's roasted me Stop it! Stop It! No Stop! Sto- *IPhone Buzzes* Yo What? Yo! Yo! IDubbbz's Content Cop No Way! Jake Paul! NO WAY! JAKE PAUL! It's about time! It's about time I love Idubbbz, bro Come on {video} This video is not about this obnoxious arrogant asshole That's right everyone, I am talking about Asian Jake Paul Wait it's about me What should I do? Bro, I don't know, you gotta handle this on your own wait, i tho- That's Idubbbz, dude I thought it was about Jake I don't know Bro I gotta go The dogs, and Alyssa, and stuff Wai- wai- Wait, but can we plot something? Like

help me plot- Bro, that's Idubbbz, dawg *Door shuts* so apparently i got roasted and i should be used to it by now Because I get roasted all the time But this is different This is just not no random summer This is IDubbbz This is the Content Cop

This guy's whole career is based off of ruining other people's careers This is the contact hub this guy's whole career is based off of roasting other people's stupid career if you guys haven't heard I dub stuff So if you guys haven't heard, Idubbbz dropped a 30 minute roast film It was a really long video and i have to gotta give him props, dude Because now-a-days YouTube is all about quantity Everyone just wants to post a video everyday Quick video, quick video Let's just post videos everyday! and like Idubbbz really focused on, like, the quality over the quantity *pool ball hit noise* but with that being said, this 30 minute ricegum roast video is good, but I mean it didn't take a day to make it didn't take 2 days to make, it took days of plotting I mean he researched He knows everything about me! He was showing clips from the two years ago, he was showing clips from two years ago, which means he had to do a lot of digging and research about my past, he got PewDiePie in the video the biggest Youtuber hates me that much to help take me down! Basically, what I am trying to say that video took a lot to make, and I'm already seeing tweets like "Ricegum hurry up and respond!" and I am already seeing tweets like "Ricegum hurry up and respond!" Oh, this this, you're gonna take an "L", but like how could I respond to a video in a day when he took months to make a vid on me? I am not saying I need a month to make a response

I need a month to make a response I am just saying give me like a day or two to come up with something But like, this is what I live for, man This is what i live for, man this is EXACTLY what i live for! This is exactly what I live for YouTube is where I want it to be again

YouTube is where I want it to be again! And this is gonna be a lot of fun

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