Reacting to Jake Paul’s Song With His EX Girlfriend (Alissa Violet)

hiHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII FOLLOW YO BOI @PURP_ORB ON INSTA BOIIII LETS GOO You know, I dropped a few songs I feel like I can tell good music from bad music so, So Jake Paul, YouTuber, pretty big, just dropped a brand new song

Everyone's talking about it, I haven't heard it yet, so I feel like we should react to it together Okay, okay it juice I can deal with this Okay Yo, he just said, "5 mil in 6 months, never done before

" Like, that's true I did 5 mil in 10 months like He just passed me in subscribers too He- Like you know he's kinda flexin' on me a little bit, okay, okay

This dude just said; "Pass all the competition, PewDiePie is next, cashing out these cheques," and he showed his Rol- like he's flexing, like damn he's living larger now Got the Lambo It's pretty dope! It's a good song, okay Oh Wait a minute

(Confused on why Jake dissed Alissa) Jake's kicking me out *laughs* Yo What? *RiceGum calls Alissa* Yo Yo, ay, uh, did you hear that new song? Yeah, Despacito is so good Wait, no no no, Jake Paul just dropped a brand new song Did you hear it? Wait, w-w-wait

Logan Paul's brother? Yeah dude, it's pretty juicy, and I think you wanna hear this, like come here now if you can Okay, I'm on my way Alright cool, like how far do you think- A: I'm here R: What?! R: How did you get in here? A: Show me the video R: Alright, you need to see this R: See? R: And then he like kicked you out or something right? A: Yeah, he kicked me out

R: And then watch this R: And then you guys had like an argument on Twitter of you guys like just talking shit back and forth A: Yeah R: So that was about you? A: 100 percent R: Don't tell me you texted him yesterday at 4:52 A

M R: Is he talking about you again? R: YYou did text him! A: Yeah, I said I will always be here for you even if you don't want me to be R: You're being nice to him

A: I wanted t- R:Why is he being so mean to you? *Alissa laughs* R: Who is this guy? R: Wait, he just said it's Team 10 but he threw up an 11, right? A: That was an 11? R: Is this an ele- why did he do that? R: He's confusing me wait R: Ay, yo! R: Wait bro, come herehe just said it's Team 10 but hel-likewhat number is that? R & A: It's 11 right? A: YO! R: Am I trippin'? A: Yo, guys, what number is this? -An eleven R: Dude he just said it's Team 10 but he threw up an 11 like I'm tripped down by this

-No, that's an eleven A: For sure R: Ay, thanks bro Appreciate it man

R: Yo, stay up dawg -What a fucking dickhead *Alissa spits cereal and laughs* *laughs* A: What is that? A: What is that? *Alissa laughs* A: Bro I'm dead R: Wait

R: Didn't you work at Panera or something? Yeah R: I heard that somewhere A: Dude, I worked at Panera in highschool A: Oh my god

R: Wait, so she was roasting you? A: Yeah A: Dude, she's literally on Team 10 because of me A: Like nobody wanted- R: So why is she backstabbing you in this song? A: Dude, first Jake is dissing me and now Tessa's dissing me

R: That's not cool A: That's not cool dude R: You need to do something about this! A: Should I do a diss song? R: Ay, you lowkey shouldThat will be fire A: Wait, will you help me? R: Oh meNah, I don't want any part of this like me and Jake are cool A: No, d-d-dude, that will be so legit And it's not gonna be like a diss, it will be like more funny R: I can't A: It will be funny, it will be funny R: I can't, I can't Jake is- *Offers 2$*

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