Reacting To The Martinez Twins Leaving TEAM 10

and then after that, I started getting all these tweets basically telling me to let these twins join Clout Gang And then after that I started getting all these tweets basically telling me to let these twins join clout gang YO WHAT IS UP EVERYBODY [Rewind] [Cricket noises] [Cricket noises] [Crickets chirping] Fart [Crickets chirping

] Fart [Claps twice] Yo, what is up everybody back for another video As you guys can see I have some new art in the background these are a hundred dollar bills, right? As you guys can see I have Drake on a hundred dollar bill I think that's a really dope art piece in my room, I don't know, but today is a special day because I'm making a video and I hardly ever do that On top of that, there's a lot of drama to be discussed [photo: Martinez Twins vs

Jake Paul] But before we do that, There are just a few things I need to get off my chest I just really wanna talk about something So, sometimes I go out into the real world and run into some RiceGum subscribers, some RiceGum fans out there [photo: iDubbbz] and they ask for pictures, and sometimes those pictures surface the Internet like, they showed off on the Internet, and it's really cool of me to randomly stumble upon these pictures [music: My Heart Will Go On] and it makes me feel good inside, you know I ju- ajsndf I see them all the time So if you guys ever took a picture with me, make sure you tweet at me so I can follow you back and stuff, anyways that's not the point, that's not the point I'm trying to make The point I'm trying to make is I was on Instagram the other day, I stumbled upon this picture [reads from picture] I love when my people walk on me asking is it really me, "heart emoji", I came from nothing bra, I'm growing "fire emoji", "fire emoji", "another emoji" This dude is out here making moves! I'm happy for him He has fans coming up to him try'na take pictures

That's dope man Props to you man Good job to this guy right? But the other day, I was on Twitter, and I randomly stumbled upon this post It said [reads from picture] "This complete stranger asked me for a picture and then posted it trying to get some clout with the caption Y'all some weirdos" Wait a minute

So you're telling me that girl wasn't a fan that just came up You're telling me that this guy came to a random stranger and was like "Yo, let's take a picture" and then he went off with his own, put the caption – he could put any caption – he could've put "fan love" like, he could have been subtle about it but he really made up a whole scenario [mockingly reads] "I love when people come up to me asking is it really me" like he's saying that she came up to him and was like [rubs eyes] "Is that really you?" No, you have like 90 followers

[laughs] But the thing is, he has like, other pictures with like other people and now I'm starting to wonder if those are actual fans or strangers also! [mockingly reads] "He said he heard of my music before He motivated me after we spoke" I don't know what to believe anymore, is this guy actually a fan that came to him and was like he heard of his music? Or did he just come up to a random white guy and just ask for a picture and leave? I mean I went this guy his page and I was listening to some of his music, and I don't think this exact guy would vibe to this type of music [reads] "Crazy how N words look up to him and he tells me I know who you are" So apparently this guy has a lot of credibility because people look up to him I don't know who is "look up to him" 'cause I don't even know who this guy is, but then again

He puts right here, "He tells me I know who you are" in brackets as if these are the exact words He says another man telling him 'I know who you are' I don't know man Did this really happen or is he just making up some stuff because this guy has like 90 followers I mean, he got caught up once I don't know who to believe [reads] "This support has been amazing Homie said he waited in line all night for the mixtape

" Did he 'went in line' all night for the mixtape? Guys, I'm starting to really question where exactly is he selling this mixtape? Either this guy is some underground up-and-coming artist that has the ton of fans already or he's just making up these random captions and taking pictures with strangers I don't know Let me know what you guys think in the comments I have no idea but right now it is time to talk about the juicy stuff So recently there has been more and more drama in the community if you guys haven't heard, more Team 10 members are leaving Team 10 I was tryna tell you guys Jake wasn't a good person

I was tryna tell you guys Anyways, they dropped a full video exposing Jake, why they were leaving, all that stuff I have nothing to do with this drama, I really don't, but on the day they dropped this video, for some reason they followed me on Twitter? But they felt like a ton of people on Twitter, so I really wasn't thinking much of it And then they both followed me on Instagram And they both follow under 100 people on Instagram so I don't know if they are trying to tell me stuff- They're trying to set me up because maybe this could be a big publicity stunt, I don't know, so I asked them I said "what's up lol", he said "I guess you saw my video lol and no it's not fake" but I gotta make sure it's not fake, I can't get caught lacking and so I said "Not fake promise, sí or no" he said "Promise Te lo prometo" (Spanish: I promise) All right, I guess I trust em, they actually left Team 10 and then after that I started getting all these tweets basically just telling me to just let these twins join Clout Gang I mean, I don't even know if they're a good fit I mean, do we even have enough space in this house Oh shit, we actually have one room left

So all the rooms are taken, but this one isn't, aight, peep this one dawgs, so these are taken, I'm sorry but if you guys wanna come through and join the squad you guys can share this one I feel like it's a nice room where you guys can both make content and stuff, so let me know, but yeah, man I'm not surprised That's like the 6th, 7th member to leave the team I mean I lost count at this point But another thing that I wanna talk about which is also important is, well, I see a lot of YouTubers out there that uh always trying to transition and start doing music, start tryna do acting, all this other stuff, and it never turns out good They never are really that good, they're better at making YouTube videos You guys know me, I make diss track and stuff

I've never made an official song ever in my life I've never did For some reason every song that I've made has just been diss tracks and I-I really thought like what if I just go to the studio and just make a song that is not me just ripping on someone Right just like a regular song, so I start experimenting and I have a few songs made now and I don't know if I should drop it because like I'm kind of nervous and shy like I don't know what you guys are gonna think, you guys are very critical with the music and there's always that YouTuber yeah, you know starts making music and it's never good and everyone's like [emphasis] "Stop making music" they just keep going, and they start falling off I don't want to be that guy You know, I might just do YouTube and just have a side music thing anyways, that is do this on my free time, so I'll play you guys a little, you know, sneak peek of it but just don't be too mean on me You know I'm saying? All right, hold on, I'm about to pull it up, all right Here we go man

Exclusive, you feel me? [plays clip of track] I've never been one to complain (complain complain) Struggle hard never complain (complain complain) F*ck a record deal and a label gaaame I did it all on my own, man YouTube baby you can go see the views, rockstar life, Imma prob make the news, Spotify party, Imma take yo girl too Imma have her swimming in my swimming pool nude House in the hills and it got a view too Supreme, Louis hoodie, but the Yeezy on the shoe [end clip of track] But yeah, just a little little sneak peek Y'know I have a few song made and I think I'm ready to drop them, I'm not sure, Imma just- I'll let you guys know But uh, I guess I guess I'll just go go-karting with the boys The whole crew is about to go skrrt skrrt skrrt, so I was like y'know what, Imma d- pull up right now Thing is this place is so far

I don't know know where we're going [music] Yo we are finally here, and we're about to skrrrt skrrrt All the homies got a do-rag on Ya boy got a do-rag on Heeey! We're not here for the racing, we're here to get our wage lean bro We gots the do-rag, see Rice with the do-rag I'm here with my boy, you already know what it is

We go the do-rag age We just got here and they gave us a do-rag 'cause you need to wear while you racing apparently it helps your brain or something I'm not sure Alright guys, we're about to race but apparently it's like a competition Just know, just know, I'm gonna win because I don't take Ls Out of all these guys, I uber everywhere I never drive but I'm still gonna win Skrrt skrrt sk- Do you have bumpers on him? – bumper cars – I wanna Irrelevant! [taps helmet] [drives past flippin' the bird] [music: Rockstar – Post Malone ft

21 Savage] [I've been f*ckin' hoes and poppin' pillies Man, I feel just like a rockstar (star)] All my brothers got that gas And they always be smokin' like a Rasta Thought I was in 1st place, but I was in 2nd place the whole time 2nd out of all my friends is still good, but like if you're not 1st you're basically last so I don't care Who are about to race again and now I'm getting first [heart rate monitor beeping] [Captioned: Unfortunately, Ricegum was involved in a severe accident during this second race] [Clip of crash ] [Captioned: #PrayForRiceGum]

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