Yo, what's up guys, um yeah, what's up yeah? What's up? come on girl Yo, what's up guys i'm I'm emilo martinez and yeah We are the martinez twins – yeah and we're back yeah we're back again Yea and we feel so much better now yea good now yea how are you good you're good bro So, while, we don't react to the videos what kind of videos do you want to react to?- all of these videos You, don't want to react to all theses videoswe don't want to be here for all these hours So what kind of video you, want to react anything, oh oh (bleep) theres one ( rice gum video playing) oh yea he's not lying wait i told you wait you followed him yea i followed him wait you follow him yea cool yeah yea that kinda good yea yea i like him So yo think about it think about it about what Wait for teens but i don't know if you like telepathy just think it's difficult yeah, yeah i know i know clout gang

Ricegum you thinking i'm trying, Faze Banks hi is this rice go, hi i'm emilio martinez From the martinez twins how are you man all right yeah Yeah, i'm good, um yeah i'm feeling, better thank you so much Yeah, thank you bro thank you what are you doing man, oh cool cool yeah i like it yea i was wondering rice rice yo hola hola yea u I lost you bro Okay, yeah here we go, okay so i was wondering if you, want to jump into my diss track Yeah, think, about it Yeah, give me a call if you do to okay

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