RiceGum – Bitcoin (Bhad Bhabie Diss) ( Official Audio)

Yo, what is up guys, I just woke up don't look at my face I look weird right now (you look ok to me)

But, yeah guys, I was thinking man, I love my roommates (awww), I don't give back to them much I have some new merch (LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION GO GET IT NOW!) , hold on Here we go with the new merch! Look, I'm gonna go downstairs, imma pull up on them and imma surprise them with the merch *muffled conversation* Yo, yo, yo Wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup! Yo, yo, I got some merch for you guys! O K ! Wasn't your merch supposed to drop like a year ago? (OOF!) No, but I got some new—here take this, pass it around, here we go, here we go! AYYYYYY! Pass it around! Pass it around You know what I'm saying

Here you go, Sommer! But she doesn't get any, I'm sorry (RUDE) What are you saying? That was racist as f*ck Yeah, what the hell? What? So, what's the shirt say? Um, I'm a pussy but you guys still love me

Awww ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) (Rice) Thank you No, but aye, uh, before I came in here, what were you guys talking about? (Banks) Just how wack you are (Rice) Ayyyyyy Wait, guys, guys, guys, could everyone act excited and as soon as the cameras is off, imma need all the merch back

Cause I need to sell it online But, like, just act as if you guys have it permanently All right? Ready? Set? *Everyone acting excited* She took all the merch cause no one want it, so I'm gonna– (Sommer) No, I want it all I stole it from everyone But, yeah, guys, new merch, buy below

Look, man, you know I dropped a sneak peek to my song yesterday Well the full song, official audio, is out, I'll link it in the description You guys are probably expecting a music video, that's coming soon I just recorded a song like two days ago But, yeah, I didn't know what to do with the full audio, so I just put it on WorldStar and Soundcloud, so go listen to that

But the music video is coming soon, probably on my channel But yeah, guys, super short video today because I want to put all the attention and all the ear balls on my song So go listen to that, go jam to that, tell your friends, all that And guess what, guess what? Tommorrow I got you guys another video I'm thinking a little Fortnite (again?) , maybe a little strip thing I don't know, but I have been grinding! I have been posting pretty much daily, and I appreciate all the support I see all the love and that's kind of why I'm doing it

Cause I see all the love and it's motivating me to just go every day, but anyways I'll see you guys tomorrow Sorry for the short video Go bang out to my song Girl you know I'm from the trap, face looks like a rat Came straight out of LV, now LV's on the bag

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