RiceGum – Danielle / BHAD BHABIE Diss (Official)

Yo, what is up guys how you guys doing? I hope you're having a good day I was thinking today like do you guys know that girls Danielle Bregoli cash me outside girl bhad bhabie I was thinking like how many times has she disrespected me Hold up, This asshole is not about to come for me Rice Dumb, Rice Bum, Lice Gum Rice Asshole

My name isn't Rice Asshole and the other time she called me a toenail Oh my god his face looks like a toenail Oh yeah, and then all the time she called me a thumb His face looks like a fucking thumb Oh, yeah, and that one time she made fun of my voice for no reason It's auto-tuned, it's kinda annoying

Oh yeah, and this shit sounds so much better *Lisping* I don't like her voice man, It's like auto-tuned and like haluhhabalahaa You can't even talk right, you fucking me, you need speech class over here "twockwhockwhcowchwhowhohck" Yeah, and I didn't even forget about that other time My skin's a dumbass hoe cuz an asshole like this This kid's an asshole I'm not a kid I'm not an asshole either I'm an adult so I don't know why she say that and that other time she wanted to get physical

Like if I ever see him one day I'd probably bust his fucking head in Oh, yeah, Don't think I forgot about the Asian Neapolitan joke that would one hurt my feelings the most He looks like the Asian Napolian Dynamite But God

I'm not even done yet the list goes on the amount of time She has roasted slash disrespected me is unbearable I can't even count with my fingers You put straws in your ears, it makes everything sound better and somehow Rice Gum you still sound like a dusty ass cockroach bitch I don't know fuck you think you are but that fake ass Gucci jacket on and in your ugly ass room with your big ass head With your big ass fucking cheekbones looking like fucking Victoria Justice I want all my fans to get together and call him a toenail I am done with this girl running her mouth and the thing is she dropped another video today And she's talking about me again and I'm just sick of it I'm putting an end to it right now I'm done

Hey, what's wrong homie? Naw, dude, just mind your own business, put on a beat That's all you need to do, stop asking questions Put on a beat Okay, I see you boy, I see you okay, okay? Okay, Girl you know I'm from the trap, face look like a rat Came straight outta LV, now LV's on the bag Keep bragging bout you getting money, but the label taken half, aye add it up quick math, aye You just broke and you sad Little girl I don't know whatcha wanna beef about, you are not what you tweet about You are just a rat looking girl who Twitter just made a meme about If you got money bring it out

Ghost writer just bring him out What happened with young boy? You weren't a bitch you wanna keep around, guess you really couldn't keep him down How the fuck are you 14, with rumors that you sleep around Shout out to the Eagles, shout out Philly, yea we need Meek around But just like your dad, You not a girl I wanna be around Rolly on me it's a big boy, with the gangs smoking big doinks I just started to invest, now this fit on me cost a Bitcoin You ain't getting no checks, record label taking all the big coins, you can't hit 100mill little bitch, I'm making big noise

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