RiceGum Diss Track by NoxSu 16 Bars @RiceBum B.W.Howe roasts RiceGum in 1 Rap Verse!

what's going on people it's your boy BW Howe AKA NoxSu listen I had to drop 16 bars on this kid rice gum I just I can't I can't listen to it This is your boy NoxSu I hear about this fool on YouTube RiceBum or RiceGum Thinks he's a rapper making diss track about little kids And making it rain on bums and shit Well Im about to make it rain on this bum I came out of nowhere and Ima fuck up your little world Your wack you can't rap and you're built like a little girl I hear you talking all that smack on your diss tracks Lets spit facts Rice versus me is a mismatch Get you front stomped out I swear kid beware kid then I'll scoop up your bones and prepare some spare ribs I swear kid ya flow shitty and Iaint got no pity I'll come to yo city you ain't fucking witgh WhoaaVicky You wanna bust shots rice go ahead and just try to sneak a few i'll put my foot in your ass and wear you like some pikashoes ill knock your teeth out but maybe let you keep a few and put my hands all up in your face like playing peekaboo Rice I dont care about the dough that you or your man make i'll push your wig back just like a barber whos hand shakes Come at me bro the way you came at that man Jake And turn me to my dark side quicker than you flipping a pancake For Damn sakes man you need to pump ya damn brakes Ya done son ricegum Im taking ya fanbase And Idont even care about you dude but millions gonna tune in to watch this murder on YouTube And I dont even care about you dude But Millions gonna Tune in to watch this murder on youtube

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