RiceGum – I Didn’t Hit Her (TheGabbieShow Diss Track) (Official Music Video)

Phone in my face now crashing her screen The bitch really tried to make a move but you move did not work, she plays games like 2K But I also spend it on my sweater Joints look like the 50 tires that last "diss" I tried your Now they are angry because I'm moving forward Now they can not afford to be in my shoes Jordan 12s and they OVOs Big nose, tired to lie to me like Pinocchio All of these false accusations made me fast as it is 0-0 Now I'm angry and I need it For the "diss" tires, I lay low had come back as a season ticket Should do more like a season low It makes it seem as if I had destroyed her I do not have a finger laid on that bitch I just called my lawyer and he told me he was going to solve I thought she was high on but the thing is really low the thing makes a lean SO FOK HER AND HER shit VERTONNING the fans, but you lied to them but I guess that's what you really like to do Saw my neck put ice on it Now I'm on a roll like a bicycle traveling Tana Mongeau told false stories and you are like a rifle shot I told her not hit but threw her phone I like Odell with peak movements I remember sitting when she came walking up and started playing around said "get the phone out of my face" but she did not so I had it from store Now she claims that I scratched her and beat her and her fast print was written all the lies, yes, they're old as they were in the town becoming guess but that's just how it's done keep talking about a ghost writer cry out to my friend diss God but this time I have no writers all the blogs look so bias The lies put my crush when you just assume they are slaughtered and it is not fair not because she lied put all false light on me Many people have turned But cry for those who ride with me WOO, WOO, WOO You look like you have a bite of the Apple logo I need you to back, back, back, back up again just to take a picture Claiming that I give you bruises It was there that the best part What do all the scratches on your But I really think it's stretch marks Woah, Woah Skrrrrt

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