She Backstabbed Me For The Ace Family

Oh Ricegum Are you kidding me blah blah blah I was thinking like yo, I got a cool backyard, but literally when I take a few steps out of my house I have like another backyard Like we're at the top of the mountain and have this pretty cool view I like to come out here because I get all this hate you know I like to clear my mind No phone or anything

I just walk out here I'm always stressing because all you hate your stop hating on me on top of that I'm always in my house like playing games like getting no activity I like to come out and get some exercise go on some walks or something It's good to get exercise get some fresh air Alright guys, I just go back home, man What a great day summer Rae what a coincidence what how are you today help? I'm great I work Summer summer so what are you wearing jersey? I know, but how why are you wearing it? I mean do you know who ace family is? Okay, how did you get that Jersey? Oh my god? I'm kind of freaking out summer because I thought we were great friend Thanks, cubby your bags, bro me and this girl are beat Oh, no sorry Sorry me and ace family are beefing I come home, and she's wearing an H Family Jersey I already know who the best couple is on YouTube

Alyssa's pregnant Alyssa is pregnant Wait wait, hon Let this serious Why are you wearing that Jersey? I'm not sure if you know this way the guy that came did he have like tattoos on his arm like poofy yeah Okay, and now we got this to hold you switch it up Are you switching up? New yoga, are you switching up on me, can you like take it off or something like? But I know you like red, but like it somber don't walk Okay summer all right, you know what I guess that better, man I mean I feel kind of bad cuz I'm usually nicer than her, but it was like it that Austin guys man I really don't like the house the guy And I thought like he'd might have came here and dropped off that Jersey like that's something He would do you know I mean, but it's quite a family merge its family's cool like that little baby They have like that's a cool, baby

No I'm saying just like that Austin guy and not like Austin like the dudes always think this to me He came to the house before he calls me on the basketball, and he's just always like talking shit Anyways if I overreacted on a summer man? I think she's probably mad at me I feel bad I'm sorry like I don't know I don't know what guys my scum won't be happy about this one rice go Alright go he must be scared You sure yeah I swear this dude always come when I'm not here like she's always coming when I'm not here Okay Do me a favor Can you give this Jersey song? like yeah Oh summer why would you say that summer? Why would you even say that? Yeah, actually you know what can you put it on don't put it on? Thank you mama treat me right oh, so that's how she got their jerseys bro any Shack for me real quick well I get some shots up I Feel betrayed Yet, you were just wearing it yeah, where is it? Where is it? So could I stop the video you were rebounding the ball for them? Why would you do that? What would you do that? Okay, okay, where is the Jersey yeah? I've been closer than that why would you you know? I hate that guy? What is this What why does it hit you with all the drooling like weights not fooling me in a ball Here is all your normal clothes, and here's like your accessories your expensive stuff, and you hung it up there You don't mean to Marino be friend enough he he's signed it out, would you? I don't want to do this wait Okay

You need to clean your room first I know I Know don't do that okay? That's just immature in this way that you're gonna throw into the I was about to have a nice little okay now But a fire Austin if you're watching this dog don't ever come to my house again bro Oh Wait On fire well you're gonna probably burn down the whole house because you're immature little stupid fight Oh shit up, and you're over boy it is gonna bless You're really overreacting thing you saw through that why does the be doing that bad like okay? He said I was bad at basketball I say that so Anyways guys burn my jersey I was about to get on about smoking

That's why I wanna I mean I understand, but it's just like comes in then hasta if you're watching this dog don't ever think about anything like that again It's not done yet, it's alright I'm fine turn it off Why is the fire not stopping yo But yeah guys thinking back I'm looking back on my actions I might have acted how to character I'm sorry You know sometimes when I'm angry You know shit

Gets kind of crazy You didn't know it was one time I'll give you a warning B number playing basketball on June 30th who is gonna win I don't care every place call it basketball I'll be to give my guys if you guys want to come and watch me play basketball take it to a sale very soon I Will be posted video something we can make more video That's okay, I do b ut okay fine, I don't doubt let's do it

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