SHE SAID CHING CHONG?! – Reacting To Woahhvicky’s Ricegum Diss Track

What's going on guys welcome back to a brand new video on my channel today We're gonna be taking a look at someone very special guys someone who I'm sure we all hold a dear place in our hearts for Someone who believes they are black when they are actually white I present to you guys yo girl Ya queen up-and-coming rap star whoa Vicki [ :O ] Now if you haven't heard of well Vicki then you must be living under a rock She is a youtuber with currently 48 thousand subscribers now as you can see from the light to dislike ratio on most

Every one of her videos it seems like she Garner's a decent amount of anti support now You're probably asking yourself Why? What could this girl? Possibly be capable of to elicit so much Hatred and dislikes on all of her videos well for starters guys Let's check out her video here called my ancestrycom Story, this video is literally less than a minute long, but it depicts the story of how Wound out that she was actually black check it out Your mom kept telling you that you're white yet, you refuse to believe your own mother and for some Unbeknownst reason to mankind just somehow believe you're black Like how does that actually happen? I'm Japanese? Let's continue And I'm fine, I'm 25 Pacific and this whole time I knew it I knew I was a black girl So so I just consider that to be my birthday because this is the very exciting holiday for me Even if you are 25% black I mean that's only a quarter of yourself is that really enough to fully identify and call yourself a black girl I mean I'm half Korean and half white and I feel like that's enough to identify as an Asian guy or I guess a white guy, but if I was only a quarter Asian or less I mean, I don't think I would identify as it also, did she just say that she's gonna make this date when she found out that she's 25% black her new birthday Okay, yep, she did Well there you have it guys she is a black girl yeah the 100%, I'm sorry 25% however I guess that's enough to fully identify as a yeah full-fledged black girl Like how you guys doing have you lost any brain cells yet now if you're still with us And you want to continue going down the rabbit hole I regret to inform you that it only actually gets worse from here Here's a video she did a month ago called how to twerk all right

Y'all Let's check that out I've always wanted to learn how to twerk That's true, dude, I mean she's probably making Bank behind the scenes charging people for twerking classes I mean that's a legit thing Okay, don't question it It's a real legitimate profession Okay torquing instructor

Okay, go research it Okay It's there Wow that was quite a Detailed instruction right there Yeah, I would have definitely paid money for that Thank you whoa Thank you so much for giving me that lesson for free I don't know what you charge, but I think I got a good deal

Thank you Okay, so you pretty much get the idea of who wove vicki is and you know what she's all about now guys I wasn't actually gonna make a video about wove Vicki but Unfortunately, she has forced my hand I have no choice, but to do this today We're gonna be taking a look at a very special video from whoa Vicki that Suffice of to say is actually no longer on her channel however It is on this channel whoa Vicki's delete a diss track on rice gum Reupload shadow to rice gum squad Uh I guess it's a fan page Thank you for the reupload I appreciate that if you guys want the backstory I believe was about a month ago Or so rice gum made a video where he roasted whoa Vicki You're not black that grill is disgusting the place smells like shit Hey You all do shit and wove icky Responded with a diss track on rice gum the only problem with that Is that this diss track was 100% racist now if you don't believe me well We got the re-uploaded Edition here notice

How I said reuploaded Yeah, the original version was actually taken down by YouTube for hate speech so with that said guys Buckle up get your bottle of popcorn let's begin Manny B production like first of all I'm not exactly sure what you're getting at you're either missing an A or an s Like it should either say ah Manny B Production or Manny B productions With an S Just saying Manny B production That's not even English to be honest anyone That's willing to put their name out there You know for wove Icky and willing to produce for a music video well

Let's just say I'm not surprised that they don't know how to do English Right What's wrong doing What the funk was that dude like I'm sorry yo, we got to watch that one more time what is this intro Oh My lord yo, I'm sorry I'm not even trying to roast that bad But what is going on in this picture like not only is the acting? And the script and the plot just super cringy poop Why are they just screaming and this dude is looking right at the camera? Whoa Vicky is sitting there smiling and no offense But when you're casting someone why the heck would you pick someone that literally looks like a crackhead? I'm sorry I mean I may be right, but I'm sorry Off to a great start All right guys like I'm sorry I know she's American, but what the hell is she saying? She is legitimately way worse than the cash me outside girl This girl makes you look ten times better yo are there captions for this No, okay, we're in trouble That is The hook the chorus the main part of the song is her saying ching chong ching chong bitch Followed up by I think it's cat meows Like can you be more racist than that no now? I know there's gonna be some people out there that might be asking well Terry What does ching chong ching chong mean, and how does it relate to Asian people? Well I'm glad you asked okay, because this is 2017 okay the year where we all move a little bit closer to everyone getting more offended by everything ching chong that's actually yo That's an old-school one okay? We had this when I was a kid probably before that as well ching chong refers to the way that english speakers would make fun Of how asian people sound when they speak their languages followed up by meow meow meow meow meow I'm pretty sure what she's getting at there Is that rice gum aka Asian people like to eat cats I mean, it's a well-known fact that in some Asian countries Yes, cat is considered a delicacy and it can be eaten as a meal, but for the most part We don't do that at least not here in Korea I've never had cat or dog nor would I? I have a dog, but he's my best friend And I would never hurt him so the fact that she adds these disses in here that are so blatantly racist I don't know It just like it just makes me question humanity once again as I said this is 2017 and I feel like every year that goes by Humanity just gets a little bit dumber this girl is what like 17 years old and this is how she perceives life And what's okay? If these kids are the future, then I'm just saying we don't have a future Did you just use the word okay, repeatedly for an entire bar Okay, seriously guys can someone add in subtitles or at least put the lyrics you know in the description or in the comments tell me What the heck is she saying? She's not even on beat like whoever wrote these lyrics for her cuz she obviously didn't write them Well you know what? Maybe she did I'm just wondering like who are all these people in the video and like how can they possibly be okay? With appearing in it like they all must share like the same or similar IQ spans like dude

This is not cool I mean this guy thinks he's cool, but let's be real I'm pretty sure everybody in this music video pretty much has the same or a similar IQ span as whoa Vicki herself Oh My gosh Dude, who mix this either the producer did a really bad job at putting the hook like exactly on the same beats Or what Viki herself just cannot keep the beat cuz she is just not in sync and it is killing me Dude You want to do a diss track? You gotta at least know how to rap you gotta at least know how to be on beat and you got a not be racist So yeah, that's pretty much the whole video guys thoughts Concerns comments well I will say this yo Whoa Viki you have more friends than I thought you would but my honest opinion garbage Absolute and utter garbage really oh the reason I didn't want to make a video on wove Ikki is because I didn't want to bring attention to people like this These are the kinds of people that blow up Get attention maybe become popular and then what they end up doing is setting an example for other young people that are Wanting to grow up just like them And it's not exactly a good thing to act Like this in front of a following and which case younger people are gonna Go and follow you I will say this you know I do hope that wove Ikki educates herself a little bit Or you know at least gopis goes back to school because if she keeps this up and keeps doing stuff like this yo she is Bound to get into some big trouble very soon Ching Chong Ching Chong- Type InvAsian in the comments if you see this

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