She Surprises Me For Valentines Day!!!

I got rice – surprise I think oh Did you come to the clubhouse you go pick up some Gucci and now you get to fresh lineup? Look at the phase though You like a changed man That's just looking Looking daddy right now Would you eat this whole system tightwad shit? Yeah? Have you never seen him in real life

No clever your mouth I Really like this shirt you gotta be so bitchy I like the brand, but I really think you should like take off the undershirt really yeah Because like I feel like you should just you know show off those muscles a bit, but you know Yeah show off the muscles take up the undershirt or show up the arms a little bit this yes You said those what these are the best candy in the world Okay well I'm gonna let you try this and I guarantee you that this will be around 50 Let's see This is good It's low-key Cries what's the plan? What will you talking shit? I'm like a grown man I need to go out and buy groceries and buy food because no I need to live out here succy succy one timee one timemm fucky fucky one timmeee one timmme ching dong shing chong Boy what is you wearing? I thought you're from Canada? Yeah, I wanna be Here though take off the Surprise Oh Don't copy it right now No

Oh, my let's get people's a reaction ching chong ding dong Won't let me touch your eggs so I have to do it here Alright guys about to go out and it's super cold at night I wanna wear this shirt at shelters sure But I'm about to get cold so I had to put on the jacket look at this now I'm still showing off the booty whatever me I swear I always be dressed in so nice Let's hope no chill come on Paris We have to face house know that we come to this how much for two Seconds the dogs are already leaving these wet little shits everyone ladies Shane everywhere someone pooped upstairs Come on dude, why is there so many dogs? Taste it taste it Who did this you piece of shit

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