So We Got Arrested And I Can’t Believe This Happened…

They all have guns and stuff If you go to jail i'll bail you out They're taking our car away On this thing Yo what is up guys i just woke up I was here actually in yesterdays vlog but it was mad dark

now it's like daylight Quick recap we went from London to France I can't understand this guy Thank fuck I'm not blind because it's just gonna sound like Chinese porn if i was That looks like my hotwheels car I used to have as a 9 year old So we're on our way to Switzerland and right now we're in Italy Should be fun, ya know I'm gonna hop in the car, thot is driving today okey dokey when squinty eyes drives 6 hours on the road oof this is why you take the aeroplane I don't even know this girl's name lol Calm down or I'll take out the thot destroyer 6000 Maybe you should take the wheel next time Ah As a smart intellectual, I can quite easily see the math behind this As you come towards the edge of the map, another chunk of the terrain loads, thus adding on more minutes or hours needed to reach the destination Unfortunately, Google Maps has yet to fix this issue, meaning you will have to deal with this for the time being Spread awareness of this issue many are ignorant of

Yeah what the fuck is that *Teenage gloominess* *WoahVicky 20* lol what is this *What did you just say to me?* These transitions disgust me police! police! OPEN UP If you go to jail, I'll bail you out So just don't worry Each 'star' resembles the amount of dramatic effects in this video *fact* no TAKE THE AEROPLANE AND SAVE YOUR ARSES *wang chang fang song oh no* Well looks like Mulan didn't defeat the Huns 😉 😉 I just realised I've not been writing the subtitles for British English like I'm crying right now For 2 Vietnamese dong, you could help support this man in need Text 'CHINGCHONG' to 58008 today, to donate 2 Vietnamese dong a week, which will provide this young rich farmer in need with a warm blanket, a new rice field and a straw hat receding chin NYOOM WHAT'S THAT I HEAR? THE AEROPLANE THAT JUST LANDED IN SWITZERLAND THAT TOOK LESS TIME THAN HOW LONG I AM GONNA WASTE WRITING UP THESE EPIC CAPTIONS WAHEY This is so sad can we hit wamen ;( Okay fun party game take a swig of orange squash everytime you hear some dramatic effect in this next part Don't actually do that because I don't wanna be responsible of some 8 year old's death good morning jake paulers Why doesn't Ricegum have a bowl haircut smh Lol I literally cannot be asked to write anymore here's what happened to lightning mcqueen nibba why is there some random church bell Oh yeah buy my merch because it's selling like a God Church Random Jake Paul flashback I actually just lost sanity with the retarded captions I just wrote ffs Why this guy in heaven now D O N G wang hang chong ching wang fang *Tsunami strikes* can someone else do this part please this is just fuckin boring

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