Surprising Alissa Violet for 100 Million Views On Our Song

ching chong bitch WHATS UP GUYS HOW IS EVERYBODY DOING TODAY IS A VERY EMOTIONAL DAY CAUSEVIDEO JUST HIT 100000000 VIEWS I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THATS EVEN POSSIBLE I had no idea this was gonna happen to me why is this happening to me what did I do to deserve this I just wanna say thank you guys for watching the video if you guys even watched it one time just thank you Happen so I'm gonna surprise her and tell her that our Masterpiece Finally Had 100 mil catch Bryan has no idea so let's go alright so we've Been at this Bakery for like Ten Madeleine's helping that there's no Bakery guy I'm sick of this I'm taking matters into my own a** because everyone knows the most important thing about surprises the cake I'll go get the icing stretch go get it said the icing was back back around the counter right Pardon? Yeah no I spoke to the manager apparently your icings back here Yeah guys I'm p*ssed off man The store usually has a worker that does this icing No lettering for you but you know I need to put words I need to put her name on the cake look at this Oh my God D*mn bro I'm not good at this nah you got it bro alright guys as you guys can see it says a hundred million views they didn't Have a guy working at the bakery so I had to do it but wait there's more I got all this party Supplies you won't See it coming alright we're home Got the cake right Here the cake is looking Beautiful I have to do the text Myself I'm putting on a candle so it's a Nice Firery Explosion Damn Guys we really Hit a Hundred mill I'm very Excited I hope Alissa's gonna Be Excited about this alright guys I gathered Everyone in the house We Got the cake We Got the Whole confetti we Got the flow right Now I'm about to call Alissa she has no Idea I'm'ma Face time her we live in the Same house but I might Just call Her real quick hold on Hi hiiii What are you doing yo, come to my room something Just went Really Wrong come to my room right now oh my God alright That Should Get her Attention look at The Wreath The cake I drew 100 million Views our song Yeah Should we Cut this cake Wait Why'd You do That But Yeah I guess I guess she Got in the face but if you Guys Watch The news ii Feel thank you so much Is There anything You want to say no I don't think thank you guys so much It's incredible 100 million Views I never I Mean People don't even do that You Know there's Only a Few People can Do that and we Thank you CDSGS GGGGGE GR RGGRG This festival of Lights we'll Go back to studio we'll cook Up some New Stuff but with a duo man You know we have one? Platinum Plaque Yeah but You Mention that I'll see you guys Later I'm gonna clean my face please

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