Oh, shit! You like it, bro? [monkey screeches] Yo! What is up, guys? I'm back for another video You know this daily grind never stops

I just woke up I'm really tired Look at KSI's room, man It's get a little bit better We got the bed But he's about to come any second now, so we really need to make that gift basket because we haven't even made it You know Damn bro, he's gonna love us

Yeah Guys look how thick this basket is It's filled to the top! There's just candy and just all sorts of surprises down there All right guys I think he's going to be very happy and let's transport this to his room Guys he's coming later today, so I can't wait (Banks: Yo that's dope!) that is dope So I can't wait to get his reaction It's gonna be sick (20 minutes later) Aight so we finished the basket KSI should come in like two hours So we're going to get a crazy reaction out of that and then Sumer convinced me to go to the gym with her I never go to the gym I literally begged him for a good three hours to go to the gym with me

She begged me I'm like okay fine, whatever (white girl tone) I just posted my new video and all the nice comments I just want to say thank you man like that All those last comments is making me pick up the camera again and posting again tomorrow So we are doing daily uploads But yeah guys I realize like I'm a role-model for a lot of like kids so I really wanna, you know push you know fitness and I want kids out there and being active so lets go to the gym! Alright kids at home make sure you stretch all your body parts, so she's like rolling all her like ligaments or something, I'm not sure (Frog jump noise) Alright so I believe this is for yourlike

shoulders I think All right guys looking out the gym Coaching shake such a great workout right summer We really got some rich where where was your workout? I was working at all Right Cindy was looking thing He just sat and watched me this is for your Eyes, I haven't been flexing that heart of you guys, but Ricky on the other hand my environment Yeah, I might need to go carlos to go shopping all the time But I don't even shop anymore because I need to save money is donated to kids in Africa speaking about kids in Africa cash tide Is about to pull out right now? He's from the uk is about to come to La especially the trip I can't wait till he come by so the bros got this louie Vuitton backpack And he had this artist coming and painted I haven't seen it

I'm expecting a lot of fire him it sucked I'm gonna be honest Oh shit Oh Okay, oh my God it's iron man Rose really got iron man It has hard dogs Oh Shit, he's not too good at eighth grade with that on the shitter same three serials go drink weather was so slow, so Bro, I can't I drove on that elevator right now blink guys my first time to meet again So I don't want my chair which is all over the space is kind of weird

I was blocking it also I was gonna have a gentleman I'll turn on later funding It simply 7 seconds late am I bro Here's a rude man, so pleasant boy came to say look it's oh wait So she was rolling through and I know I'm a huge fan So I got on my basket Yo chill your breath Oh sh*t! WTF is Swedish Fish? Swedish Fish bro? You never tried Swedish Fish? Is it good I think it's good bro

Damn he's flexing with the rolling you know, what is that? it's a bus now bust out I Was like so if I old has never had a swedish fish never has been fish Do you swim in Utah entity never has swedish fish are Peter Randi did? Do you like it? It's alright mate I hope you feel at home bro, and you can stay as long as you want I got you dog even though you really dissed be hot alright So for all you new viewers out there that don't know what's going on Let me retrace your memory Okay, Jessie right here He used to hate me and he dropped a diss track on me Yeah I guess it was pretty good but boy I had to fire back I feel like out of all the diss tracks against me yours and Andy's was like positive That's why you're the best one, but mine was better than yours You did some research

I did you did research nothing about people, but I like the wave you alright Yeah, thank you, babe, bro Thank you David Yes guys guys No burnt bridges

We are all friends ain't no editor Yes, it was all over bowl breaking We break bulb over it We just bread bones So you know I drop some merchants, you're into clothing and stuff right? I wanted to talk about What is a jacket that Folio this is actually really good quality Yeah, you like it like you tuber

It is inverse does Matter in all this work It's very a trust our fuck would it be the tag on the back oh? These are nice of course of course is it nice Yeah, I got the zipper yeah yeah Yeah, she have really making this they were doing it big out here boy I'm so summer Rae's about to go to a party you know I got to stay home and make videos that you're out here partying are you going dog? No, you're going to a party another Austin though I really like this back It is let me hear it Look at this guy

You're like It's like Kris kross you here I like it I want it I want it

Can I have it You're ruining it it is ruined Oh my That corner turning out Weight-Wise Fullfil it's too cold I'm sorry about that Let's turn it off right now Alright,so I just hopped out the shower and team 10 just reacted to my new song Finally it's about time Let's watch it together I was broke but I'm living in the hills now

I was crazy but this ice made me chill out No 20's I need blue on my bills I'm not like Kylie Jenner everything I got is real now Guys, I just hated that that's not real I just thought it was what a joke look I was about to go to sleep But my rapper friend rich the kid is about to come over now We're playing pull from fun at first but now We're like let's pull up with 10 bands in the Winner-take-all for you down the road Right away is use now

I got some iron rope with his hands panting we've confident, ooh How you scratch on all right and then? Wipe it down on it I need my men my Dad oh You hearing oh, I'm kind of nervous We're waiting forever Oh oh I got two valid no No No, yeah, no, Tommy Mac celebrating leg above, but celebrate celebrate must be sober be Gone, oh Yeah damn Money that is me yeah, I won you

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