Team 10 Members COME TO MY HOUSE !!!

Yo what is up guys! How is everybody doing Back on my bed I know a lot of people are going to be like omg rice another video about team 10 Alright relax all right this one is actually serious all my youtube videos were on roasting people or making fun of people you know it's never really serious its only for the purpose of the views and purpose of comedy you know i'm saying but honestly how this whole drama thing even strated was like jake paul drop the song right so he kind of initiate all of it he drop the song he is talking about allisa violet his ex he was taking a shot of her i had no idea i have nothing to do with this right Alissa hits me up, right? She could have hit up anyone, any rapper in the world to help her you know she doesn't really know to rap But she picked me and she picked the right person because I dropped the song and it turned out good but before I droped the song I clearly said: No me and Jake have no problems I'm cool with him I like jake but honestly I think I just like views a lot more, so we went to the studio with Alissa I wasn't trying to start beef I was just trying to get my views up, and it obviously worked is the video big, but yeah So I thought that was that right and out of nowhere Paparazzi pulled up on these team 10 members And they were talking mad smack about me, and then I came back And you know talk some shit back like it was just internet beef you know There's two sides He's over here talking shit I'm over here talking shit back and forth It's really not that serious just for fun and games And then these two kids on team i believe their name is chance and Anthony Just took it to that next level for no reason this posted a video titled confronting the bully with my face on it, right? So apparently I'm a bully or something but like shit But Chance, I could have sworn you said something about that HOLLYWOOD FIX GUY- Would you do another song to answer him back? No, I can't

They put us in their title We can't put theirs in ours Thats the difference He's putting me in this video for views I mean, there's nothing wrong with that I mean, I do what everyone on YouTube does it just like don't act like you don't do it Yeah, let's just watch this video You know we just made it to rice as house we're outside his house right now We're about it, but I don't see what happened Papa was probably right, but I just want to say what up You know we're done We're done with the bull done with it

We just got a man man I have a little kind of online bullying is so done man to man bro another doorbell will pop in What's going on man? Stop chance? Yeah? Thank you ah nice I was wondering as we've rights with here now He left way back way back this morning Damn as you guys can see these two teams ten members were at my house My address is not probably I don't know how these guys knotted if I did some research kind of creepy they also said something about having a man-To-Man conversation Right and if you actually wanted to sit down and talk to me Amanda man You would not bring a camera You would not have a camera on my face You know why can't we just talk right? So this is probably to him doing this for views from a blissey for YouTube and and his child is just pathetic He's gone How long? I think he's inside now I Think he's in giant inside

I didn't even say I think he's lying – come on – I Know I think I think he just doesn't want to be confronted about this one day You share everybody shut the door ian Yeah I mean no whips You probably hit him neil you're coming that sort of oh yeah He definitely knocked Emily knew definitely spying on us right now Yeah, he's looking at us somewhere are these guys are maybe next to mike they chained in my house I'm upstairs walk in my door in my closet like Lego so like dude I wasn't home if I was home, I would be walking downstairs and there would be no conversation It would be straight fist that day they came to my house I mean I've been posted every day So, what did I do that then we go wrong? But she's going to be in the air and she's going to be hanging off like that Are you set up a ceiling fan? And I used to like jump and touch it and it would feel good my fingers Oh yeah, I was in a helicopter with some arrangement

Look I was busy that day, but today I'm not busy today I got time so pull up again chess and I'll break that Chair – awesome We did our best like we try we're here, bro We're camping out outside of home this house we've been here for 30 minutes now My boys Just playing basketball He says rhys, not here Well give up We'll give it another get another hour so and then we'll pick it up from there So we'll see you in a little bit about an hour and a half total here We really tried decide is the way this should wait outside of my house for an hour 30 minutes, bro What like find something to do which are right? What are you doing? Not only that his friend don't know man who no one don't so my hope like that except for me at first It was just internet video I'm talking around there time around It's just comedy jokes in games, right but when you come to my house fill in the front of my house wait outside for an hour for me what to talk or You want to fight? I don't know what you guys want for me But what do you guys pulled up to crib this internet Beats drama? Whatever like it's not even internet beef anymore like you guys are making it real life beep And I'm not just like chill

I could just type You know beans baked on the internet like no I'm not in person – so what are you trying to do because you know I just assumed at the crib so pull up I'm ready and that expiated like he'll come through and this is way you said What you if he comes to me? I'm going to let them down the know so I'll be home all day Jam So pull up if you really try to get to work It's not that to stay a week at home a relevant video guys Dramatic crab gives is worth your chance if you come through your generosity I recorded a play on Worldstar You rear tomorrow? row the support and enjoy this oh my goodness Ah bro Look at his dude Look at his hair

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