Yo what is up guys? I'm back for another video How is everybody doing? I missed you guys But guys, I have a quick question

Do you guys know who these guys are? And if you don't, it's because they're irrelevant! But if you guys do know who they are, is it because of this guy? And if it is, well, that's how I found out about these kids, either 99% of the people that know who these kids are is because of Jake, man So if I see any of these kids talking trash about me, I'ma get mad because, boy, Jake Paul is your dad! I did this all by myself! But the other day, I came across a very interesting video, and I think that we should watch it together Interviewer: "What do you think about their song, um," Interviewer: "'It's EveryNight Sis'?" Chance: "I don't know, was it in the top charts?" Chance: "cause I didn't, I didn't see it" Interviewer: "It wasn't?" Chance: "I don't know if they made top ten, I – I didn't look" Rice Gum: Alright, first off the bat, I believe this guy's name is Anthony or something

But he just said oh, with some smart remark I'm sorry my song didn't get top charts, alright? Yours only did because, Jake was just spamming everyone like, "Do this, do that" I would never tell my fans what to do Anyways, carry on Interviewer: "Did you guys think they were kinda, pretty jealous – " Interviewer: "- maybe about you guys' song, that it was – it was dissing them?" Anthony: "I don't know, our song was just fun" Tessa: "It was a fun time" Rice Gum: All right they just avoided the question but, I want to ask you guys something, let this sink in right now Imagine being a guy that just goes up to people and takes pictures and like, paparazzi, But not even for Justin Bieber or Kylie, like, you're not even getting ran over by Justin Bieber

You're just interviewing, like, random YouTube stars, like, your life is pathetic And I also wanna say something Why did Tessa just not say anything? Like, she was like scared of the paparazzi or something 'cause when we met in person, she had a lot of things to say to me Tessa: Yoo, what's up Bry! Tessa: "So, uh, I'm hideous, right?" Rice: "No, no – " Tessa: "Yo, yeah" Rice: "Okay, so, look – it was just, I needed something that could rhyme with – " Tessa: "Mm, it didn't rhyme, though – " Rice: "Yeah, it did!" Tessa: "No" Rice: "Yeah, it did!" Tessa: "Mmm

" Rice: "And it was a slapper!" Rice Gum: This girl literally came up to me, in person, didn't ask me "Hey Rice do you mind if I vlog?" She just came up to me, camera already on and I was so unexpected, I didn't know what to do Look at my face! I was like what!? But I was in a good mood That day was VidCon and I met a ton of little nice kids that watch my videos

So, I was in a great mood So, I didn't wanna roast her, right? So I just gave her an excuse, like, "Uh, yeah, you're not hideous I-I just needed to rhyme with something, you know," and she said it didn't rhyme Don't ever disrespect my rap abilities! I said You cheated on a good girl Tessa's hideous and then you got a big head like you Phineas Phineas, hideous! Phineas, hideous! IT RHYMES! "Okay, cool – so – you guys aren't concerned about the 'It's EveryNight Sis' video at all -" "No, we're not concerned" "It's not even relevant" OK, it's not even relevant? What are you talking about? That got 58,000 views D-Do you even have anywhere close to that? Who even is this kid?! You're only relevant cause of Jake! YOU'RE NOT EVEN RELEVANT! Anthony: "

Yeah – " Interviewer: "Okay, okay, um" Here we go again Interviewer: "What do you think about, uh, RiceGum's, uh, new song 'God Church?' Have you checked it out?" Anthony: "Honestly, man, people just do anything for the views these days It's sad" Anthony: "There's no quality – there's just no quality content on the internet" People would do anything for views, what? This dude is the guy that got married for views! Who does that? What do you mean people will do anything for views? I'm just making music! And then, he's over here, talking about quality of videos? BOI! Anthony: "- ay Bro' Interviewer: "'Cause you guys blew up off 'It's Everyday Bro" Interviewer: "Would – would you do another song to – to answer him back?" Anthony: "No, no, you – you can't put them see, they put us in their titles

" Anthony: "We can't put them in ours" Interviewer: "Okay, okay – " Anthony: "That's the difference" Alright, I've had enough I've had en- *Clank* *Clanck* I'VE HAD ENOUGH! Who does this guy think he is?! I've never put this guy in my title in my life! I've put Jake in my title No one knows who you are! Stop talking like you're doing something! And what do you mean you don't put me in your title? Look at Tessa

She used me for click-bait A long vlog We only talked for like 10 seconds, but I guess I'm the click-bait That got more views than most of her other videos I'm just really upset

Because, I've never really made fun of these kids I've made fun of Jake, but not them, and now, they're over here taking shots at me! Calling me irrelevant, they're making me feel little, I'm not on the charts, whatever So, now by law of them coming at me first, I'm allowed to make a diss track back But I'm not going to, though, guys I feel like I should lay low and you know, just be more positive

But, one day, I think it's gonna happen Maybe, next month, maybe in 2 months, I don't know, but for right now, I'll be chilling I'm gonna be on this daily grind I promise you And even though, if I'm not posting, I'm making moves outside of YouTube So, whether it's music or whether it's trying to build this sick-ass house to be even sicker, anyways I will see you guys tomorrow! Oh yeah! And before the video ends, I just wanna say shout out to Kids React to reacting to my song! They didn't even react to any of Jake Paul's songs, but they were reacting to mine's? That's pretty dope! Check it out! Plays dope song


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