Team 10 Tried to Jump RiceGum! #DramaAlert KSI vs Sidemen – Tessa Brooks CHEATED on?

What is up DramaAlert Nation, I'm your host, Killer Keemstar Lets get right into the news! Our first story today, is coming from KSI He uploaded a video talking about him leaving Sidemen With a video titled "I'm leaving Sidemen" In the video he says two important things 1 he's not joining any other team and 2 fuck Ethan roll it KSI: Going solo I guess KSI: yeh KSI: uh KSI: why I'm leaving Sidemen KSI" uhhhh KSI: mainly because of Ethan KSI: I'd say he was the main reason I'm leaving KSI: can't stand him KSI: now I'm not gunna be switching sides KSI: I'm not gunna be on anyones team KSI: I'm not going to Team 50 or whatever the fuck that is Now obviously KSI is talking about Ethan from the sidemen And Ethan yesterday tweeted out this A picture with him holding a that said: FUCK KSI And in KSI's video today he made like a mini disstrack on the sidemen and Ethan Roll it KSI: Yeh *R2D2 scream* Fire x2 Listen! but Ethan uploaded a video today, himself And in the video he was holding that sign that said FUCK KSI and he moved into KSI's room Now this video got a shit-ton of dislikes But if you look at the description it says 1200 likes for a diss track to be released tomorrow So it looks like this story is just not going to end! And speaking about KSI and the sidemen kinda beefing KSI's brother, ComedyShortsGamer got into a big beef which we covered here on DramaAlert yesterday With Miniminter And today CSG uploaded a video titled DISSTRACK ON SIDEMEN Where he says that he is going to go "all out" on the sidemen, with a diss track THE CIVIL WAR IS UPON US PEOPLE! And thats not just it! There is beef within Team 10 now! Tessa Brooks and Chance, they have been dating for a long time Members of Team 10 Well yesterday, Tessa uploaded a video titled "CHESSA IS OVER" (NOT CLICKBAIT) In the video she says that her and Chance brokeup and decided to just be "friends" HOWEVER, even before Tessa uploaded this video We found a girl posting on Instagram that she was hanging out with Chance SCA SCA SCA SCANDALOUS Then Tessa said on her Snapchat that she's "cooking somethin up in the studio" IS TESSA GUNNA BE MAKING A DISS TRACK ON HER EX BOYFRIEND CHANCE? We'll have to wait to find out BUT speaking about Chance him and his buddy Anthony uploaded a video yesterday titled "CONFRONTING THE BULLY" These two Ohio boys were talking shit about RiceGum And then planing to go to RiceGums house to "confront him" Because RiceGum was picking on them Roll it C:"HA? A:We never did anything right? C:Like literally this guys entire career is based off of dogging other people down C:Don't make fun of other people that's not what it's about A:That's messed up bro C: Then Tessa! A: You're gunna call a girl ugly?! C:There's no point or reason to EVER call a girl anything other than beautiful C: All you're doing is putting them down like think about A: FOR NO REASON BRO C: You literally calling a girl UGLY, HIDEOUS C: LIKE WHY? That just doesn't make sense dude, we're done with it, we're sick of the bullshit A: SO BASICALLY, well you talk shit on the wrong guys this time C: YEH A: because we're not fourteen (savage) C: Yeah, you wanna talk about, you wanna talk shit to girls, you wanna talk about little kids, younger kids A: That's bullying bro, thats just bullying C: Anyone else you're a bully, you're a internet bully hiding behind your computer A: and now you're gunna try, try and bully us A:But the difference is C: We're men (sure) A: and you don't bully men C: Cause when you wanna fight a man, a mans gunna fight back C: so I was just wondering if Rice was here Dude: nah, he left wayyy back C: Way back? Dude: This morning yeah C: Damn C: He knew we were coming, that's what it was A: Yeahh C and A: Yeah Definitely knew C: Fudgeee, fudge guys C: We did our best Now here is the interesting thing! Faze Banks was talking to Chance on twitter about doing a 1v1 in COD Lot of shit talk going back and forth And one fan responded by saying: @Banks he knocked on your door, do you really think Chance is afraid of Rice-twig? and wtf is Banks going to do? And thats when Banks responded with this: None of us were home, I'd do a lot more then pull out a camera OHHHH SHIT *gun shots* LISTEN listen you are going to want to subscribe with notifications on The whole YouTube community is breaking out into a fight and we're going to be covering every step of it here on DramaAlert And now for our final story Yes I know it's been kinda a slow news day but our final story is coming from Sommer Ray that famous famous Instagram model She was in a video with Banks yesterday and well at 5:42, take that off the screen You know what? Sommer Ray, I apologize, I have to apologize this is the second time! that you've made DramaAlert with a wardrobe malfunction We're just, we're just soulless people over here, i I feel bad about myself GO SUB TO SOMMER RAY Ladies and gentlemen that is it for the news today, guys again make sure you sub with notifications on things are popping off If you enjoyed this video, make sure you slap a like on it, today we gained over 18k new subscribers (congrats Keem), shout out to all the new people But bigger shout out to all the old g's Ladies and gentlemen DramaAlert nation, now over 22mil subscribers Also guys I almost forgot to put this in, I have a big correction from yesterdays DramaAlert Yesterday on DramaAlert we reported that Vikstar was streaming live when KSI quit sidemen And Vikstar was saying he hated the house or whatever What it actually was is somebody fucking took Vikstars stream and manipulated it to make it seem like he was saying this stuff about KSI quiting sidemen But it was actually talking about the game, so big apology uh to Vikstar, ik I already said this to you on twitter but saying it here um just wanted to get that correction out The problem is, is fake news, so much fake manipulative, edited, bullshit all over YouTube And uh yeah, we got fucking fooled this time, sorry about that Vikstar, love ya

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