Team 10 vs RiceGum IRL! #DramaAlert KSI Deji vs W2S – FaZe Banks goes OFF! on Christian Burns!

What is up DramaAlert nation I'm your host Killer Keemstar

Let's get RIIGHTTT into the news Oh my god shit has went down We talked here on DramaAlert about how Chance and Anthony from Team 10 Went to Ricegum's house to confront him and all this drama that has went down Well, Ricegum and Chance met in real life Today Chance and Anthony uploaded a video titled "Face to face with Ricegum (not clickbait)" And basically Ricegum and Sommer Ray were doing some shopping When Team 10 Chance and Anthony rolled up on them ROLL IT: Oh Ricegum, what's up bro? Oh what poppin' bro? OMG (WTF??) This is so random No, I'm right here, you can smack me bro If I was home, I'll be walking downstairs and there will be no conversation It will be straight fist *No shit* This is so random*again wtf* Yo

no straight fist straight fist You getyou get You recorded my house You know what I'm saying? *no* But look You can smack me though If he comes to me

I'm gonna This is so random Get your ass beat *I'm dying* Guys, I'm desperate Damn bro Bro this is actually so random King talks on online, doesn't talk in person No, yeah, I'm saying your a little bitch Yeah, no dang you're a bitch Yeah, okay This is a problem with everyone in the world dude I'm with rice stick literally I love when people talk to talk online and won't say a single word in person not a single word though Yeah, I'm waiting for the smack But I don't understand

How are you going say to millions of people that you're going to smack someone, you're going to clown them I'm giving you the option and you're not gonna do anything Oh my God RiceGum run! Run away from me! Fear meeee! Just shut your mouth dude Chase: Please just don't talk to me RiceGum: Go chase your daddy Take ten percent ay, irrelevant ay Will you slap me? I need a slap

Oh harder! Oh my God Are you preparing for the flood? x2 Oh no! No! It's was not supposed to go down like this You can't let team 10 get w's like this what the fuck Now in RiceGum's defense he was clearly caught off guard

This is what he said on Twitter I did say if you come to my house I'll slap you cuz they'll be on my property and I wouldn't get in trouble No way I'm going to slap a dude with three of his homies with him that will probably jump in Also was in public with a ton of fans recording, not worth a lawsuit Chance then followed up on Twitter with the clip of what happened and also tweeted "learn a lesson from this, don't run your mouth" But RiceGum does have a point here He's shopping with two girls and three dudes run up on him like confronting them camera in the face I mean dude It's such aw RiceGum! Ohhh

Now when I first saw this clip I'm thinking to myself It's fucking Team 10 and chance and anthony stalking RiceGum? I mean they went to his house What are the chances that they're just going to like randomly run into him while they're shopping? I just to me it feels like they're following this dude around so they can get a clip like this no I reached out the chance in the DMS And I asked him this: "How did you know rice was there were you seeking to confront him in Public?" Chance responded with this: "We were actually in the Gucci store shopping And we saw him walk inside and go upstairs, then we were filming outside And he came out right as I press record, pure luck" Now I don't actually know if I believe Chance But there's no proof that he's lying And that's when Elisa violet jumped in the mix and she said this: "if you guys didn't know this already My boyfriend is an absolute psycho if he ever runs in the chance and anthony I pray for their well-being

" Haha, shit I just wonder if there would be a completely different outcome if RiceGum wasn't with two girls and instead he was with Faze Banks or Faze Nikan they might not have even Confronted RiceGum and speaking about faze Banks, him and Christian burns Really got into it today on Twitter Christian burns tweeted: "I ought to mention banks has insinuated and initiated violent threats to me publicly Countless times before this issue of his dad evolved" That's when banks fired back with this: "They're not threats when I see you I'm going to hurt you really really bad" Oh shit! Here we go Christian responded by saying: "And you are going to suffer legally" What?? Christian you were threatening to go to bank's house You were threatened to beat him up alright Now that he's saying okay Let's fight

You're saying you're going to sue him if he touches you That is some bad shit Thanks responded by saying: "exactly what a pump bitch like you would say I don't give a fuck because unlike you I'm actually famous and riches fuck and my Lawyers gods" And this is what a fan jumped into the mix Saying this: "I just knew he wanted money and banks is feeding into it, Y'all know He's close to being broke" Christian responded by saying: "shaking my head That's not it at all actually he's a grown-ass man, and I'm a teenager regardless spilling threats like that will not be tolerated" When banks saw that he tweeted out this: "I'm a teenager dog You're fucking 19 years old, clearly you don't know me

You're not the first internet rant I'm going to stomp on and you probably won't be the last but you will get it the worst" Also in the news, today Road to Shaw Uploaded a video going after Deji the video was titled: "The end of KSI's brother (Diss track) featuring Sidemen" Now basically in this video Road to Shaw reacted to ComedyShortsGamer's diss track on the side man and at the end of the video road to shaw Said some really fucked-up shit about Deji, Roll it: Degi has two kids, what? What! Deji has two kids? like what the actuel ComedyShortsGamer Responded with his own video titled: "The end of W2S" And in his video He says that W2S is just a complete fucking liar, Roll it! I do not have two kids "I do not have two kids" Are we going to start lying or not in our tracks now? First you lie about how much my thing crusts is it is it lying war now? Are we just going to lie no? Man, i don't know what to believe anymore Also today, miniminter Uploaded a diss track on Deji titled: "KSI's little brother – Deji diss track official music video" And I must say I didn't care for the music i'm not really into the grime type rapping or whatever uh But he did have some fire bars, Roll it! Wow! And finally, KSI and RiceGum came out with their own music video today Titled: "KSI ft Ricegum – Earthquake (official music video)" And here's the clip of that, roll it Now I must say the bars were like okay but the music the music the sound is fucking beautiful in this KSI and RiceGum music video Tonight, we are interviewing Jake Paul's neighbor He's telling us crazy stories That's been going on in the neighborhood, and I can't wait to get them on to hear some of these stories So make sure you are Subscribed if you're new with notifications on because you do not want to miss this It should be out like at midnight or a little bit later I mean, some of the stories I heard before the interview Oh my God! If you enjoyed this video make sure you slap a like on it Drama Alert Nation Now over two million five hundred thousand subscribers remember to turn on notifications like and sub

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