TheOdd1sOut Roasted Me For No Reason

what is up? Everybody? How are you doing? I just uploaded five days in a row I hope you were happy because I'm doing it for you guys But lately I've been so positive and just stayed out of drama and I don't even need that to get views anymore I don't even be roasting people no more don't over here like changing my ways You know I'm trying to be positive don't mind my own business but then i start getting these tweets messages talk about this youtuber is talking bad talking dirty about me I don't even know who this guy they started tagging him his name is Theodds1sout At first Just doesn't ring a bell, and then I will his channel I'm like wait a minute I know this guy he's talked about me before I wanted to somehow bring up hey I have over a million subs on YouTube, okay Random pause but like why would you bring up your subscriber count to random people like I'm a youtuber And if I'm around random people than last thing I want to tell them is my subscriber count because one they'll start treating me differently And two the they will probably start asking a lot of questions And I hate talking to random people anyways "so I went up to a new group of kids and I said so do you guys watch any YouTube videos and most of the kids did the same thing looking at me like I was weird but One kid said 'Ricegum' Ah ew"

Okay? What? A guy said ricegum, my name and this man Just said you as if I'm like gross or something Why did this man just say you like that like, he already doesn't like me this video was posted over a year ago He obviously doesn't like me already I haven't done anything to this guy (stolen content filler)"Here's actually the story of how I met Ricegum so I was at VidCon And all of a sudden a huge crowd of people just goes running by and I said Who's that and someone else said ricegum and then I said oh

Who's that? And I didn't really meet him my friend Gabe did though" but yeah Those clips were animated in December of 2016 so those were over a year ago And you can tell from the way he's talking at the time back then Then he already didn't like me and I didn't even do anything to the "Kid"(30 year old man) anyways this guy just uploaded a brand New video and now apparently in this video, He's talking bad about me I don't know, ya know I've been told this I don't know I want to find out because I really hope he doesn't

I really hope he isn't talking about me because like I lack respect for this guy man ya know, nowadays YouTube is all about just posting crappy videos every day daily, daily, daily This dude posts like a video every month he really does do the whole quality over quantity of things so, you know, I respect that, but yeah man I think we're just gonna start his videos where I swear to god he better not he sneak dissing me " James1:Hey man, Have you ever noticed that we wear the exact same clothes every day? James2: We don't we don't wear any clothes Brian: Oh, hey guys Did you see my brand new Rolex?" Yo, yo two dudes are chilling in a hot tub, (Gay joke) a random guy pops up

that random guy has black hair stupid white shirt, a Rolex, and he's flexing on people I mean it kind of reminds me of myself it really does (no crap dude) I think it's too soon to assume anything, so we're just gonna keep watching "James1: Ring ring James2: hello? J1: You'll never believe what Brian just bought J2:what did he buy? J1: a watch J2: really? What a nerd! J1: Oh Brian

" Okay, so you're telling me this man is two feet from his friend But he's gonna call him up And then he perceived to say that Brian just bought a brand new watch Other guys know this I know my name is Ricegum, but my real-life name is Brian And I just really feel like as a animator or whatever, out of all the names You could have picked you picked Brian That's my name It's like I'm starting to think he's talking about me I mean out of all the games you could expose it kind of been Nicolas, Jimmy I don't know Why bright like I'm pretty sure this guy is talking about me But I mean I guess it's too quick to assume like I don't want to look stupid and assume like it's me Let's keep watching I think even the super super rich parents should still make their kids buy their own clothes because if you just buy your child's anything They want then they're going to turn into a whole so just expect everything without having to work hard Those are the types of kids who grow up to flex all their money on people oh, hey Is that a yellow Lamborghini? What this guy is the artist this guy is the writer of this whole video not only did this guy make a character with black Hair? that flex on people, but he names him Brian And he has a yellow Lamborghini! Like come on This guy is talking about me like is anyone else seeing this like why is this man Just sneak this in me right now I just don't think it makes a lot of sense spending that much money on a white t-shirt with an iron-on logo There's no material in that shirt that makes it as Expensive as it is you know what I can't have to agree with this guy on that man a white shirt with a red rectangle That is a complete waste of money I'll be honestly if you're spending money on that you're kind of stupidly It is a waste of money the thing is though where I'm coming from what I just have money to waste

*FLEXALERT* "Even if someone is wearing old hand-me-downs or a really expensive name-brand t-shirt don't treat people differently because of their clothing There's a certain youtuber going around I'm not gonna say any names, but I will draw pictures" I know he's not talking about me I hope he's not talking about me the thing is you said there's a straight youtuber out there I'm really trying to think cuz I mean I watch you – who else are you to be? flexing or awareness of who else could he be Possibly talking about like I think it's safe to assume that this do this talk about me And I really don't like this segment because I think he's putting words in my mouth Who's teaching kids that their value as a person is correlated to the amount of money? They spend on clothing don't do that I? Think this way like clothes does not determine How cool someone is and just because I wear a cool clothes I don't think I'm above anyone else I don't know man I really don't like how he makes it seem like if you wear these type of clothing like these high-end fashion pieces You're like an automatic Douchebag cocky looking down on people constantly flexing on people when in reality you just like fashion I already don't think about what I'm wearing that's probably why I'm naked right now Okay, that's not entirely true I'm not just gonna walk outside wearing up I don't know a pink poncho was that me pink poncho Joe this be the pink that was me Did you just pop up a picture? Oh my god? Oh my god? I knew it the whole video

I'll see you later This tonight has to talk about me I knew he was talking about me, but I could not achieve and now what I've jumped to conclusions But now I know work that they do with talking shit about me the whole video what the hell Why can't this guy just roast me publicly or put me in the Tyler like tweet at me or so this kind of gonna literally? Just be low-key and sneak diss me with a pussy don't man if you're watching this man stop hiding behind her Cartoons if your microphone come out and find me fucking that shit youtubers We handle shit with boxing now No I'm just kidding guys I've been to that challenge some wonder where I don't even know what they look like what if this guy's some boxing expert like he's Like seven foot tall I don't know actually let's see what this guy looks like let me search up a vlog actually I think he's the one in the white shirt ok

He's kind of tall and it's not glad oh, yeah Yes, oh it Finally happened the moment Hug him again though like why do you have to hug him again this it's just kind of awkward you know at me (ricegum tries to call him gay) All right look I need you to stick to drawing Cartoons and hugging dudes right I stopped roasting me don't ever talk about me ever again Ever just mention my name in a negative way get two options or an option one dish option two option three I Don't know what option three is but you have to watch anyways guys It's a brand new year I'm a changed man I'm all about positivity That's why I gave him a warning all right Hopefully he takes this warning and just goes on with his life, and never talk shit again

Let's go wrap it up guys Thank you so much for your pants to the end, and I'm out of five days She three guys And I'm getting tired like uploading every day is actually harder than you guys think like people think this dude does YouTube as a job So his life is so easy like no I have to stay here make the videos put it into computer edit like it's hard But it's okay because about to post better tomorrow and pick right back up tomorrow So thank you guys for all support drop a thumbs up if you're new and subscribe it was fun adding subtitels for my idol ricegum Just for credit pureses: Check out my channel: Coolduder24 DONT TALK SMACK TO RICE U FEEL ME? AIGHT AIGHT #clickbaitchallenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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