These Fortnite Kids Must Be Stopped (BOOGIEDOWN DANCE CONTEST)

Yo, what is up everybody how are you guys doing? Thank you for clicking on this video God I missed you man I really did but look man

I just heard some good news you guys know I love Fortnite and the game itself, the game announced a contest Apparently you send in videos of you dancing And I guess they pick a dance to put into the game So when you kill someone and do a dance move instead of doing the default dance move you do your own dance move WHAT?! I want my own dance move in this game But, before I get down and funky I need to really just see what my competition and what I'm working with like Who am I going up against hold on guys I'm gonna see you know who else has participated

All right guysLet's see what we're working with here Boogie down challenge is what it's called Thanks for fortnite If this actually stays in the game I'll probably crap my pants

Alright don't crap your pants, What? This is called the Random How gonna dance with no music on what are you? What is this kid doing? Is he okay Alright, your room is looking like that You're over here dancing like clean your room, what are you- okay? I don't know what he's doing guys And he's over here shaking around, I'm getting uncomfortable I'm just gonna go watch another one *Migos – Walk It Talk It ft Drake* All right yo

wha- why was that so unexpected! I thought he was gonna do another hand dance or something and then he just does turning around in Twerking like I know I know he's kind of throwing it back and its kinda bouncing i get it, i get its too early for that Man next dance Yo, what is this man do it? Bro, why Are you doing that? Why are you acting so weird for? Wait a minute Yo! Did this man just fart shut up shut- This is not real holding up I'm gonna get enhancing zoom in on the sound *FARTS I GUESS* I can not believe my ears man I wish I could unsee and unhear what I just saw bro like this kid must be stopped I haven't said that in a long time, but this kid must be! Overhyped Danzel Curry "Ultimate" Kids need to learn how to close your door No You need to close your door lock it because if I ever walk it on my future kid Doing this or doing that or do it that like bro? I'd lose my mind like you guys need to close our door learn how to close That was Out of breath more design tips over that little ass dance But I do dance for 10 seconds you you walked in place for 10 seconds How can you be dead out of breath, bro? But you need to go outside and take a walk or something like how can you beat that? Exhausted from that little exercise are many dances have been absolutely trash I don't know how much more I can watch, but Jesus boogie down contest on 49 That's what I like to call Crawl it up

That's what I like to call I can't see shit because I cannot see shit, bro What are you recording with like the movements were so pixelated what I can't even see your dance bro get a better camera, bro oh my next video Alright why does this guy kind of look like me with long hair, bro I swear he does It's so crazy You know I do is critical I felt like those other kids had no idea You know I mean like this kid at least he acknowledged it that it was cringe so I mean yeah Just don't do that dance I'm very good He slapped in the air or someone tell me is he dancing or does he slap in the air put some sound effect on this guy man right now come on Yelling where is the rhythm? Like why is he built like that yeah? Man, I bet I am sorry I apologize because I underappreciated that last kid that last kid was do me a high school Powerful effort slash you know this kid He's not I've been trying like where's the energy grows you need to put the effort in bro I'm not feeling it next video my hashtag boogie down challenge Good luck to everyone else What is that? Yo Yo man ignore the dancing for two seconds we need to run that back run back the audio, I swear I heard a yes dad Bro I cannot make this up man after further investigation I believe while this man is danced to these parents were in the other room get it freaky like wow this dude is over here Dancing his soul instead pipe down, but I heard something morning I don't know what's going on, bro Like I don't know how much more of these I can watch man This is up there with the musically kids like it's that bad, but I don't know what's going on I really don't man these kids do to help, bro What death boom is there no

What are you doing right now? Just look at yourself in the mirror and really evaluating, bro I think he was trying to play the guitar I believe your turn to be a rock star But instead it look like he was beating his beat like straight up Or it look like it was beating his meat brother like take this off The internet Well This is not okay, man I feel bad for you guys like I'm watching this and I'm just like I can't unwatched and now you guys are watching it with me and We're in this together I call this the disco DJ I Can't believe my eyes right now, bro, I cannot believe yo, man this though DJ

It's as easy as this, bro Just a little DJ boom boom you didn't have to have a seizure heart attack we had a rack a rest whatever Purpose for the visit on purpose, I don't know I can't take this anymore I just I can do maybe two more man Maybe three more okay, maybe Yeah, what are you doing kind of look like me yo I Can't take it anymore, bro He's not even driving at this point like I don't know how I stab through all those videos I used to be able to sit through these pretty videos and react to it But I I just have to stop we have a few more videos, but I'm done dude I don't know what these kids are doing But I don't want any part of it if you're used to the squad make sure you guys subscribe Drop a comment a couple like do that right now I miss you guys not having PO selling a Wii He'll be back tomorrow Do not forget to come back tomorrow, but yeah guys also get 10 million subscribers And I haven't got my 10 mil diamond play by the way, I'm waiting on it I can't wait to get it because I'm putting on a change you already know You know I can't believe it I usually sit through all my fields all right I'll watch a few more of these dance videos all right

I'll watch a few more Like what are you doing kid?

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