This Is Better Than Logan Paul VS. KSI Boxing Match

Yo What is up guys How are you guys doing? Man I know I haven't posted a video in a while and the reasoning for that kinda is um Anyways man, today I was actually talking to my boy and I like was telling him like yo that KSI Logan Paul fight you really cant make a better fight So you know it's official talking about lil Vicky got into a fight with Bhad Bhabie

Okay first thing I thought about I was like this can't be real this matchup This fight matchup It's too good to be true This fight matchup is better than Logan paul versus KSI I'm telling you On top of that both of these girls like hate me so it's like funny to see them just Interact you know what I mean and they both roasted me before so they both hate me So I thought they would get along because like they have similar interests anyways, man They got to go fight Everyone on social media is talking about it

I haven't even seen the fight yet I'm gonna watch it real quick hold up(weird organismic noise from girls), (everyone saying whats up) whats up(lil tay) whatsss up(whoa Vicky) Is that what I think it is is that really who I think it is right now hold up wait a minute You we text in your sister about me that really shows How irrelevant you are oh my god It is her I recognise her ways little Tay even doing here like is this a reunion for people that Tries the roast me or something like why they've all in one place is this even real life right now anyway It's got a little sidetracked by this little asian girl I guess they're about to throw some hands or something Did little Tay say what's up? What do you mean? What's up? Why are you even here like she doesn't know? At the spicy like shit of her parent Please tell me there's more than just Punch you got me hot cocoa one ya'al said it was a fight that was like react to the whole Vicki fight That was mad Yo that was very touch I'm confused because like whoopee dat just got punked by a 14 year old And I just warned couple months back you were already beefin like online right like look at this bitch You'll be Okay, why did Vicki not have that same energy in that feeling in person she didnt even swing, bro She was just really quiet to be honest I don't know But like there just has to be more about this fight like the video was just way too short before I get to that though yo, I actually fired with this app called Viggo I should go get a first link in the description This is video out where you can snake just felt vales and effects and edits and stuff like that But they're doing this challenge I actually sang like 15 seconds of every night sis And if you guys know that lyric of My song us if you guys can also sing like the next part of the song and you guys can link it to it There's a whole channel also in the app There's a thing called flame It's there in app currency so when you make videos that stuff you get paid in flame and that currency can also be exchanged to real-world dollars money but Anyways first link in the description go get it back on topic look little tay talks about the fight, okay? It wasn't a fight there was no fight I don't know what's going on, but let's hear little Tex perspective because that bill was just way too short, so You don't know what happened okay? Because we're trying to figure out more about the fight was like who is this guy like why is it even here? And why is he touching on her head like that like you know? I'm saying like I guess it wouldn't have been weird if you had a shirt on just like Chillin like if you had a shirt or like a hoodie or something like it would have been weird Just cuz he's a shirtless around this 9 girl like who are you dude? Anyways, he snuck up on biggie who even does that ok? You know who does that someone that scared? you carefully see what's going on and little tears over here explain her stylist story and The bad baby Loki did keep up on her and this guy man still has his shirt off

I don't know why It's bad baby really wanted to kill me tell me why she didn't even touch me she Interrupted her and he still has his shirt off Don't touch me was because he was scared because if he touched me There I could sue her ass What did you can sue her I? Was expecting her to be like you know what if she touched me I would knock her out or like know if she touched me My god little tay always flexing always talking that shit I thought little ting was about it but she's over here so in people at shit come on a little tay you go to sleep I i Think you should go to sleep it's past your bedtime yo bro did she really just tell someone to go to sleep You're 9 aren't you supposed to be asleep Yo, I've never seen this girl's parents ever I've never seen this girl at school

I see this girl everywhere, but at school Honestly, anyways been I'm done with this, man I was honestly interested in this Vicky fight Whatever for at least like 10 minutes like it was kind of entertaining it now It's just dead to me man So I'm done talking about this man that shit was just so pointless this little fight was just so pointless anyway Thank you, so mid to end I'm sorry I've been inconsistent, and I really am just like most youtubers can just post post post post all the times just me I'm not like them like I'm different I guess I like taking breaks I like sleeping in I like chilling you know what im saying anyway second announcement look I had to stand up because this is so important I live in a Ten bedroom house You know I'm trying to Be surrounded by dope people And I just I've been trying out people and no one is lit like me no one is lit

I mean honestly I'm around lit people that I'm already around but like not all 10 bedrooms are full So if you think you have what it takes imagine waking up every day in this room making videos working You know guys this room is gonna be cleared up soon So if you guys are trying to move and just imagine these guys out here But just picture you know waking up and like look at the view out here hold up What oh? No, sorry, I'm just doing it They'll just think that I'm not here But yeah, I'm a look at the view is kind of dark guys can't see looking Oh, it's nice out there, but yeah, make you think you have what it takes this room is open We're looking for new members Not a so a word truck, okay? I was gonna tell you we're looking for new people to come into this room and make it lit so Just pretend you didn't hear it, but I need to film a video for tomorrow Sorry, I should've told you guys but Yeah Shout out to David gamer the next big shaq 😀

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