Wow would you look at that I uploaded yesterday, and I'm uploading right now So that's two days in a row off to a pretty good start, but actually guys today I was thinking like back in the day like rap music hip hop music, What was popular we had like the Biggie Smalls? The Tupac these two guys were allies because they made like good music on top of that there are lyrics that Meant something Nowadays, we have all these new guys that talk about who knows what? And they just say the same thing over and over *Static sound* Gucci gang, gucci gang, Gucci gang *Static sound* I mean don't get me wrong I thought that's pretty catchy and that's the type of music I like I'm just stating the music back then and now like it's changed like there's this new new name Tekashi 6ix9ine And he's been really popular lately and the reason why I know about him is because he only has three songs But all three songs has made the chart and I was sitting here and react to his songs But literally all three songs sound the same and the music videos are literally like the same concept Its's literary just him screaming at the top of his lungs Just like a big circle turco people today, there's a reason why all of his songs are going far romance old props They have good for him I'm not here to hate on him, but he's doing his thing right But I feel like outside of being an artist outside of about the music and stuff I don't want to know how he's like as a person like as a human I know how he lives life, so you use this social media And you don't you post a little Instagram videos here and there So I just feel like we should react to them me growing up I have nothing so y'all be like Yo, why you always flex your money I never no money I used to wear other kids shoes that they used to throw that sh** out in the garbage My mom used to pick that up And make me wait to school all right I know his name is six-nine, but why does he have six nine everywhere on his body like My name is RiceGum But I don't have RiceGum everywhere on my body has one on his forehead, one on his hand Mad a little six nines on his arms like I really hope he doesn't have it anywhere else because, like what's the point? This fool has it on his chest but wait he's like you know what I don't really like this font I need a different font on my stomach like we get it your Name is six nine like you don't need to remind us like every second with every you know inch of your body Please the challenge comment Let me know your story you know man

I'm taking one lucky kid school shopping man and this come from the bottom of my heart You know I'm saying I'm not going on that internet sh** We gonna go buy some shoes Okay, I first thought I was kind of rubbing it in with these big wads of money like now I wanna count some money But the thing is he's really not even flexing on us guys I just volunteered think some of his fans out to go shopping like spend his money on some fish He doesn't have to but that's pretty nice of a man just because you've seen me a mad grunting zombie non-blood just because you've seen me a mad grunting zombie non-blood It's kind of hard understand I'm don't even understand what he's saying Talking mad sh*t be broke get you some money, bro And I'm gonna keep going you need a camera rolling so n*ggas can know how much you know I'm saying Road n*ggas don't Bother man, it's like in the first post he was willing to buy these kids school supplies and be all nice Oh my god This guy's cool right second post he's over here throwing mud on the ground kind of like Taunting us like flexing money me iplex clothes that cost a lot of money

No I'm into fashion I'm into having clothes that other people don't have this guy on the other hand is just plain out showing us money in our face Like we get it rich all right next video Okay things are getting a little bit weird let me get this straight Are you telling me this man? Just got out of the shower here still wet towel around his waist and decided to tell his homeboy Hey, man, could you stand over here and record a little video? I don't know man I think it's just kind of weird Like I really wouldn't want to be this guy's camera man What they need to go to school follow their dreams don't let nobody tell you that yo You can't do nothing Congrats what oh really quick This money is gonna

Go smack Confused about what's going on, but I believe 6ix 9ine is at this school with these kids talking to them, and he's donating the money But I guess the teacher decides what they do with it, so she says the money is going toward Zach, and it's awesome Next and school trip Tell me why not one kids smile Not one kid got remotely excited or even says Thank you because let me tell you something these kids look like 15 $40 No, but what's the they're gonna do with snacks? They're not eight years old I remember being in like kindergarten and maybe I was excited for snacks when I was 14 15 Should I needed money to buy clothes pay my bill and school trips we're really gonna be using this money to take us to like history Museums where we don't even care about her ticket us to learn about stuff in the past like who is this teacher to take all The money and decide what the money is used for snacks and trips come on Just give each kid $100 call it a day Dangerous crowd sir after further investigation You look slowly as soon as he jumps in the crowd everyone just moved out the way

He just fell I don't get it though because everyone came to the show to see him perform I mean I guess it does make sense in this picture He does look pretty thick and I mean doesn't matter how good your music is if you're coming at me I'm sorry I'm asked to move I'm not trying to No this guy shows are crazy This dude's just on station until it throws a bucket of rice one could have seriously got hurt Man, and I feel like his music he's just so screaming to get you so handsome Be fine It was pretty bad about last night the first time he just stood still jump dead You know everyone moves second time the man had a running start Imagine all the momentum going at that high speed and velocity no way no one's gonna stand there everyone move I just feel bad like a magickal gonna show our fans talking you crowd sir, and they just all move away like growling Hey, bi*ch white dog sh*t online You could talk hot on the Internet boy That's a goofy sh*t We're in at that boy

How'd you get my hey? Don't worry about I got your number I'll be Jack's stop suck on that d*mn Jeff move on I swear to god I'll pull up with this big bro Why are you screaming so loud would delete the video I swear to god I'm a pillow Sorry like the song top

I'm like upset I'm quitting I was just totally nuts I put it out We all gonna pull up on you Don't believe that shit boy Just got back from 9/11 They really said I can't hear from my right here ever again man was always screaming for no reason like why do you just have? To keep screaming for no reason like that sh*t really hurted anyways I'll see you guys tomorrow Mikey posted this is call me again Throwing is really calling me again

Well if you're new subscribe and guess I just got to pick this You know we're just talking hey rich, white man got boom Logan Paul is daddy

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