Why does pewdiepie keep bullying me?

Hello everybody, would you look at that, we are almost at ten mil we are almost there, if your not subscribed what are you waiting for? But look man I don't get it, I'm kinda confused The biggest youtuber on this platform, Pewdiepie, he's the biggest, he's the top dog, everyone looks up to him, but whatever right He just posted a video called "I'm Black" ft Ricecum First things first, Pewdiepie is the biggest he doesn't need to collab with anyone, he never features anyone in his videos, its always himself He never collabs so I'm like whoah, is he collabing with Ricegum? and the thing is that sound like my name But not quite right, so I'm thinking like who exactly is he featuring in his video? Who is this guy? I click on the video It is just Pewdiepie sitting there right and now I'm starting to think like what if he's talking about me? But wait not so fast in the video PewDiePie is talking about this girl named WoahVicky someone that I've been talked about someone that I been dropped the video on and been got 8 million on the video right so maybe PewDiePie, got some Inspiration for me and like he made this video you know because I inspired him, so he's like shouting me out But thing is like why is it titled RiceCum? like, you used the wrong letter It's a G not a C anyways He's talked about me before and I've talked about him before in the past But it's been like a good year since I've mentioned him so it's kind of out of the blue and random but he biggest youtuber in the world so for him to put my name in the Titles don't wrong I mean I feel honored, but you haven't seen the video obviously the see if he even talks about me Ok wait why did he just introduce me? He said as angry as this makes me feel RiceCum like as if I make him angry? I've never done anything to you And that's no way to introduce me introduce me properly gotta be like the great Ricegum, amazing youtuber He's so young he's gonna be the biggest like why'd you introduce me so toxically hold on let's do a sister This are you you just try my love? That's right well We did a diss track and it absolutely Kill that it absolutely destroyed Rankin career worth Senate high-def worse than either hold up Wait a minute I don't know if he's being sarcastic Repeats joking around but part of I think he's being Serious because when he was actually in the idea of district when he blew how just to be in the district By the little ho little bitch

That's my five points range He really doesn't like me He calls me rice cumin There's actually people on this earth that things I dubs ruin my career Which doesn't make any sense to me because look at my views? Like what are you talking about like if you compare my views on my last videos the PewDiePie's feel like I'm getting more views that You play by so I need you to put respect of my name What's up with this rice cub stuff like come on Let's the respect of my name I'm bigger than you

No I'm just kidding guys I'm not bigger than pewdiepie, but I'm not too far off man one day You know I might catch up so you better watch out But I just feel like he doesn't respect me like I'm really up there with him You know I mean I'm not too far off He's always had something mean to say about me He can't even spell my name right and he's over here Just dissing me for no reason, but me you know I'm the bigger person no I still respect him I still give him props YouTube is hard youtubers come and go all the time I think about him is he's always switching up his stuff He used to be a gamer

"What a fucking nigger!" now He reacts the stuff he does means I've know me I used to roast from dish tracks now I have vlog now I play games which brings me to my next point there was a youtuber that I reacted to about two years ago It's been a long time as we don't really it's one of my early videos I reacted to it It's okay He grabs that you don't boo grips damn this fool is hella Sweaty because this run the topic of YouTube and like youtubers changing and evolving their content over time I was curious right it's been two years since I've seen one of these guys's videos Let's check out one of his videos today and see what he's up If I can beat you at rock-paper-scissors one shot, just one hit I get it really really quick Blow job, and it just looking like put in I'll put in from one second That's it just to make a gown on this floor still on the same

He's still doing the same content I cannot believe my ears is this how is this on youtube I gotta keep watching What is gonna happen Okay, if I win one shot here We go rock-paper-scissors Oh How are you – security coming rather enjoy at home what is that even? How is on YouTube want you guys to pay attention to a few things alright look at this guy's face when she was unbuckling his Pants that face is so awkward that makes me uncle Ricardo this of that look at this text right here security coming rather enjoy at home smiling face You gotta put the smiley face No it's like a vici fish I swear this guy has like a third eye on the top of his head or something or he has like some crazy uh powers No, but while she was all blow his pants he doesn't even look around He doesn't even you know I mean, and he just randomly says a curious coming look at this guy's face Like this guy said security was coming before he even looked up to see the security like this guy's some spicy senses or this is Some setup stuff that isn't real I don't know if this is real or fake, so I'm just gonna have to keep watching really good bug up Okay, all right here

We go I win now rock-paper-scissors How does he always? However people walking on the street There is two people walking on the street subscribe now for mommy edition next week I Am literally blown away no pun intended, but like I'm mind blown by I didn't know it was this easy to get girls I really did it as some of you guys might be speculating like this is fake It It's not a real It's like actors and not real girls, but I think it's real I mean I don't know with his knowledge and what he just educated me I think I'm gonna put it to the test and find out if this actually works hold up All right, let's see if this works once again guys I'm pretty nervous because I know it's not about to work, but it's Okay, don't get mad at me, but you want to play a quick game so Alright, let's play a quick game of rock-paper-scissors, and if you lose you have to give me a quick blowjob Like a quick one done Like I saw it on a YouTube video, I wish you're actually done to play like it

I was just joking Oh My wait wait, so you're saying if I would have won Wait a minute I had a chance to win wish so you're saying if I got rock That what the line text for my axe at least you know I'm up next yeah, they hate when I flex it Don't really make sense Yeah, I got a lot of enemies I don't

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