Why Drake texting 14 year olds? (Millie Bobby Brown)

He's amazing, he's a great human being and we went to dinner afterwards we had dinner the next day Co-come on Drake hong kong Two dinner dates? Yo, what is up guys? How's it going, man? I'm gonna make this quick because this battery's about to die I've posted a video on YouTube like a couple days ago like three days ago, right? But I posted a video like three days ago and it was really good I put a lot of time in I thought it was funny It was overly edited I posted on YouTube and it was like taking down on YouTube in like an hour So then I reuploaded it again But then I bleeped out that like all the curse words like blurred out things that I thought were inappropriate But they weren't even inappropriate and then it was on YouTube for at least like 12 hours

So I was like, okay, finally right And then, it's taken off YouTube YouTube is trying to sabotage me man Like honestly things just haven't been going to well I'm in this little boring a** old like it's not like my room in LA You know, what im saying, nah im just kidding it's better than my room and let me show you guys something How could I honestly be mad? I know my video got taken down But like I'm really living my best life here lemme show you like these little mario things like, you know, like boop, boop Whenever you're down in life and things just aren't going well And you spend 10 hours making a YouTube video and then YouTube takes it down where you don't get the views or the pay things Aren't going well

It's all good You just gotta look around look around you know, I can't complain I actually might hop in the pool in a little bit But I want to show you the house that night right dude, let me go to this Drake concert real quick The question is which car should we pull up and because like these aren't my cars they're my good friend Knowles but he said i could borrow one, but I got a lot of options I got the Tesla, and look at the lambo its right there, but wait they got another It really nights like this that make me love my motherf*cking job and what i do Oh Hi guys, I just got home and I'm really tired but I gotta show you the view at night It just it doesn't get much better than this It really doesn't

It's all thanks to you guys without you guys I would really be broke I would not have this be look I know this video has been short My upload schedule is trash it kind of seems like I've been taking this whole thing for granted But yo- man, my camera really just died on me like that But I actually wanted to talk about something and because I went to the Drake concert I think it leads in perfectly But I also was on twitter the other day and I saw tweets calling Drake Creepy and weird and they're talking about Milly Bobby Brown and I really didn't know what they were talking about, right? So I look into this clip What about your relationship with drake about I love him? I met him in Australia and he's honestly so fantastic and a great friend and a great a great role model You know, you guys are just good friends and Drake seems to be nice to her I don't know why the internet is always jumping to conclusions and stuff We text we just text each other the other day and he was like I miss you so much I was like i miss you more! wait a minute, You and Drake text and Drake texted you take me to hong kong kong Wong time wong time add me @drudru97 Drake this doesn't make any sense man I mean I was on your side about this but you're 30 texting a 14 year old girl

I was at your concert I saw how many bad Women there was there why you textin her you can text any girl in the world You know, I'm What do you guys also tell like what else you guys texting about? Like I kinda need to know like what does he say? Ah about boys, he helps me Yeah Yeah Yeah, he's great

He's wonderful what's his advice You know that stays in the text messages How does Drake even know what advice to give her what experience does he had with dating 40 old boys, you know This is getting kind of weird because Millie Bobby Brown really went from dating Jacob Sartorius to drake, like that's an upgrade No, I'm just kidding guys Drake Just tell me this isn't true man Just tell me there isn't more Drake? He wants to see me? I was like, okay, we're going so I like got my outfit prepared I went there and and he was such a fanboy and I was such a fangirl All right, guys, I think everyone is just overreacting including myself Listen now Millie, Bobby Brown is an actor I believe she's in 13 reasons why I'm okay I'm not what show but I believed drake is just a fan of the show a fan of her character

What's wrong with that? He's amazing He's a great human being and we went to dinner afterwards and we had dinner the next day Come on Drake! Two dinner dates two not one I was on your side I went to your concert How can I ever listen to a drake song ever again? It will nev rice is THE BEST YOUTUBER and add me on ig @drudru97 be the same like what about that one time where you said you have potential? I could have shaped it you were in caved in we could have waited I wasn't rushin different in ages Are you talking about Milly Bobby Brown? The world will never know but listen Drake I don't need more evidence You were texting her you missed her, two dinner dates I'm sorry, officer

I think we got him FBI open up!

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