Why Everyone In China Hates Me…

Ma'am, where could I find the doggie? Damn? I'll hire a killer to put him to pieces Yo Yo, what is up everybody back for another video

man listen today I woke up and it was kind of different because usually I'd wake up my check my phone I read my comments stuff like yo rice gum, you suck yo rice gum you getting irrelevant, yo rice gum your music sucks, you know, it's always something like that But today I woke up and it was different It was like this and that and this and that and you know I don't understand because I don't speak the language but like this never happened before it's just really strange so I gotta get to the bottom of this So I started googling like random things with my name in it and guess what man I figured it out man So like YouTube Twitter alternative social media in China Posting my video you guys know that one video where I was just vlogging around in China you know It's just having a little bit of fun joking around, you know Some guy so I don't even know who he is took my video and put like subtitles in it I don't know what they're saying because you can't copy and paste text from my video, but there is text description, right there it is in Chinese I don't know what there talking about you know, I'm saying but since we're living in 2019, you know, I got the latest technology I can just translate the page with a few buttons You know, here we go Here we go Oh What yo, yo Read this looking for prostitutes on a Hong Kong Street This Asian American red video insults China's anger It really says Prostituting me whoever wrote this or translated is we die we t dude you need to be fired or some because like You know the English thing like when I said I wear the hose it hey where the bitch is it? What I was joking because it's like such a random question to ask like an elderly person, you know I'm saying and then – in America

It's like Schlage like in the hip-hop and rap music thoughts and hoes and bitches It's like girls not actual prostitutes Maybe if you take my word like ho and buy You know and put it in like the Chinese dictionary and it comes out as prostitute It doesn't mean I was actually meaning it You know, I'm saying like do these guys not know I have like a children big following that I would definitely not be seriously asking for prostitutes in the broad daylight like I was screaming it was I have been freaking out but listen to this that's not Even the best part man I was on the side and right here It's a seven eight zero ching ching chong, you know, I don't know what it's saying you translate it Boy you're telling me so gonna touch my hard-working content and just Reposted it and got more fierce is my actual video Yo Talking how if the eight million views in one day i'll link in the description? It's pretty like ten or twenty nine It's going up right now It's like where's the money going because someone's benefiting from this and it's definitely not me because let's scroll down to the comments obviously It's all in chinese, but good thing We got that handy-dandy translator first comment

I read ugly face isn't doing I'm not annoying come next time it man Obviously it is a mental retardation First two comments I read both not things I want to read Brother has to be one good comment should grab his hair and kicking against his face That's super descriptive And that's like I look now

I don't think I'd really deserve that You know this kind of dog will only dare to go to Hong Kong and come to a mainland It will never return to the United States in this life Yo, chill how what like is he saying if I ever come back I'm not returning no damn I'll hire a killer to plan to pieces Yo Yeah, I doubt just me going out and looking for prostitutes is making these people with this man I guess they're mad about my other action sir Oh, where can I find some dog ma'am? Where could I find a doggie? it's all a ton of comments saying I was being races is like guys like Chinese people out there that are hanging on me ran out like yo, I'm Chinese also Right and like the American culture like I want other like, you know Black comedians make jokes about like no black stereotypes and tough like they eat fried chicken and like white people make my jokes You know Hispanic people make us bank jokes, and it's like what I did was like, you know I thought you know since I was agent, you know, I was allowed to make these, you know, Asian stereotype Just look whoever stole my content and translate this wrong to make all these Chinese people hate me translate this right now Are you ready? All right Listen, man, you know, I'm not sorry to all the Chinese know playing around You know these guys think I'm racist I got to stop playing with it Like these guys don't like jokes All right

Take this seriously like yo so translator to translate this right now Yeah, I'm sorry to all the Chinese people It'll never happen again Sorry for being disrespectful I wasn't looking for prostitutes and I want to come back soon But like, you know, I'm kind of scared now because like the people I hear might you know Hit me and like beat me up and stuff So like just tell them I'm sorry so I can come back like you know, I'm saying Oh, yeah one more thing man Look at this clip man, you know, I thought was being back good

They need to eat it I'm Yeah, yes, you know I'm offering this guy ice cream unfinished food that I didn't want to throw away But I swear some people just are so sensitive like literally cheer up a little I didn't find that funny I just find it disrespectful now You don't know what is old guys Oh so rude, but he said no and you said no eat it eat it eat it That's bullying an old man dude Wa wa wa wa, cry me a river' bro who's bullying who who not me Are you really gonna be mad about this? No one's bullying anyone If anything, we should be bullying you You know I'm saying regardless man if you guys made it 'till to the end Thank you so much man drop a like I'm making a video tomorrow and for anyone that is hating on me Just stop you guys are just giving me views and people that are actually supporting me, Thank you guys all so much man

I see you guys I'll see you guys tomorrow I'll make another video Um I'll catch you guys later

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