Why I Left The Clout House (im sorry)

I'm in San Fran right now You guys know monster's CEO I'm doing something business boo, but I had to pull up here right quick

This is a viable look man I'm actually about to catch a flight to China guys are probably wondering why this and that man I keep the bag off me though, you know, I mean, I'm ready to go to China for two days And this will affect the whole closet boy extra large Okay I cannot believe I have a 14-hour flight I don't know what I'm gonna do but check out the okay I got hella legroom Okay

Yeah All right We made it Where? That's the japanese flag and chinese people don't do that Hong Kong Hong Kong's of Hong let's go we out here Are y'all ready Lea China? It's weird because grow everything looks different

Look at these signs braless Is it a different language? How could I read it? Anyways, I look really rough right now I just came off like a 14-hour flight I don't know how I did my legs are hurting I don't know Look you guys are wondering raised my you have a year and it's like I've been always vlogging in America and stuff It's like why not frog in China have people here don't speak English I don't know if that's true because English is such a popular like when you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth Okay now we have a racist f*** What'd I tell you I don't understand All right, guys, I'm gonna need my first meal

Tell me why hun? It's Okay we all know you can afford it no need for the commentary $19 a plate What are you talking about? All right We just got back to the hotel Look at this view This is actually pretty sick It looks like I'm in a whole different world

All right, not bad, man Yeah because every city is supposed to look the same The room got mirrors here and stuff It's pretty dumb before I go out in the world and explore Let me show you my bathroom This shit is clear, like look at my hands boiling water bath tub and shit wow its clear cause its glass Oh, man, I'm glad I got to put my stuff that might be about to go out in this book She was poppin see what China's all about

You know, I'll be boarding everybody We're in Friday I want to start off the day So sunny out here I know it now lays like nice weather out here, bro It's hot as shit I swear my balls right now I honestly really like going in new countries cuz like dude everything looks so different like you feel me I feel like I'm on like a different map Sorry, dude

I just put my camera out and just hit some dude in the head No dog, or some what like that should have discussed it low-key bro We should try a little mailman Okay imma stop adding subs cause im sick of watching him being a racist f*** Hey, hey, oh where the hose it to? Where are the bitches at bitch? Hey, where the hose it? Don't be awkward, bro So we're in China, I'm he in this ice cream but like I don't want anymore It's like a fool don't like I don't want to waste it so I'm gonna just try to give it to someone out here that by eating, you know, like I'm always about that positivity that They need to eat Ya know we pull up the Pizza Hut China, you know I'm say look at this May they got waffles what they got sandwiches at Pizza one, bro Tell me why it's $40 for some hot dogs Where are the thoughts at King Louie to angle D? God kid man is hella hot outside I was literally sweating on my shirt had to switch outfit whose man is this What are you doing? Dude, what about them in a bit? Oh They're and this is what we do in China then we make it threat now your your you know I look out there be completely honest with you guys because like China's really far and this is such a random trip you guys want To know why am I really in China? I look you guys know I read comment and it's really often I stumble upon this comment and it tears up my hell Asian go back to your country Oh go back to China and it's so weird because like I'm not even from here I've actually never even been to China the people out here don't even Hey yo, and you know rice gum is a little bit

All right Hey, you know who rice gum is? Do you guys know who rice gum is? No Hey, you fuck with rice go and you put rice go You've quit riska See man, like they don't even like me they don't have been no me It's like so stop calm and go back to China because like I don't even belong here I belong in America So stop saying that this is me off Like I really took a flight all the way here just to show you guys right it doesn't make sense Like why would I go back if I've never even been what? What the fuck boy a sensor that man What is you do it who we are in public relies? He putting the hand there

That's just in a pro bro do blur that out Dude You can't be doing that What are you doing, bro? What are you doing? Oh my do I can that? I can't go anywhere with like in China There's always jokes about like Asians eating cats and dogs and like I'm in China and I've been kind of looking for the past hour And I haven't seen a restaurant or anything Serving that I'm confused because like I want to try I'm always open to try new things, sir Where can I find out the mail mail that the doggie? No, sir? Oh, where could I find some dog? Hey a ma'am, where could I find a doggie Hey where the bitch is it? Yo, where are the dogs? Where are their yeah Hey guys know where the dogs are at Y'all ton of all the stereotypes talking about all we eat is dog That's not true I'm gonna show you guys what we eating out here

We eat in meeting Look at that Look at that guy's Saying you know, I'm saying bread cuz that's all we make it Okay Let's go What are those? I Wear extra water

Yeah McDonald's right now Say hi to my friend Snickers poverty at McDonald's that make no sense about the try Guys you guys been seeing me walk around like it's dark outside now, there's really nothing really to do out here, bro Like what is there really go a little bit through its closing it's closing Oh close, you know close close hey you guys have happy endings But ya got a short little video matches through slow together really quick me I've been China making place I've been in meetings I've been busy I'm sorry I wish I could have filmed more but I was kind of just you know, enjoying the experience of this another country Anyways, here's missing the empty guys all so much for watching I was two guys Department and I'm going back to America making videos and stuff like that But eyes are the best man you guys really aren't I'll catch you guys later Don't wear extra-large But I'm 763 Pounds

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