Why I’m Quiting YouTube (Professional Fortnite)

you wow you wowowowoowoowo i'm here No no man like my fans want me to be a youtuber You know I want me to post videos, but like I Really want to be a fortnite professional player I feel like I'm just too Talented not to be one you know I mean it's like a lot of these Pro fortnight teams have been hitting me up Trying to throw millions dollars at me, but I was like I gotta stay true to myself and be a youtuber But it's just like I think I think I better just follow my heart so right

Yeah We've seen your videos, man They're kind of nice Everybody saw the strip ones Yeah, definitely yo think you composer in those videos Changer and the concentration when there's a female Actually no, I need a new member of the team is that either we give Justin a new captain You know I was just trying to be a player guy even a captain, but I'm up for it You're not did you do with your composure everything we Let's get it Stick with the new guy, okay ?, There's like three people around and stuff Yo, right here Thank you so much chemistry yeah Yeah Yeah, easy-peasy he's one shot Where is literally Hey, let's go yeah, I'm impressed actually really brilliant Wow let's get it Pretty nice whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Okay, I got the most kills in the team right now Hit like and that dusty type shit i put one near that factory any one this potafort ? That John wick yeah sucks try hard Let's get it there's another one West last one West right oh I got a head shot at him push it So far so good

Okay, there's one I think I'm gonna be a team West What are the kills looking like okay, I see is it most kills The shitters actually so dead right now dude people are scared Yeah, that's all rice can win the game this Oh, you have a forest like we're coming To news, bro yeah, I'll do I tagged them twice I see this guy to the right of us Bryce behind the rock Injury Musty dusty Noronha thought that's the guy now first reward go north I'm pulling up and pull it up 1:30 space He's wiggle Oh, yeah over here pushing up on me right now Where did hey guys take it all the kills I'm up at my bed not this Maybe we gotta catch up to you somehow only five people left, bro That was too easy Easy, bro Hey we bout to with these million billion dollar babies Straight up cashing out a max WordPress

Hey, are we gonna do some like crazy last kill or something? I see oh I see I mean another one beyond me yeah, I'm gonna chop this down real quick stop stop Stop Oh Spilling here next oh No guys got this we probably should have made this game like yeah, honestly It takes the rosoer spot of yours Why am I alive

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