Why Me & Sommer Are No Longer Friends.

Rice What? Please just go look in that bathroom it's the weirdest stuff i've – Like this! "ew! ew!" *fade* Alright guys low-key this is probably the biggest hotel I've ever been in I think it's bigger than my room I've got a table, sink, kitchen, yknowhaim saying? I've gotta whole, y'know, lounge area Bedroom hecka big

Look at the view! You know I'm saying? But wait on it! Closet BATHROOM! And they cut like- THIS SHIT DOES NOT- [Metal Gear Solid Alert Sound] WHAT!? Alright man I've really gotta stop flexing But look man ykno, that's why I'm going on this walk, tho Just'a y'know kinda humble myself and stuff, but listen I'm kinda tired of sitting in the passenger's seat, I'm just sitting there, just watching It's not fair that Sommer gets to drive all these nice cars right? so today, y'know

imma try and take it for a spin! Hay Sommer, why you just chill- "isnt this so cool look at these little things up here" WHY YOU JUST CHILLIN' RANDOMLY IN THE WILDERNESS FOR? I love it! ♫ I am one with the world ♫ Okay listen I know you're gonna be okay with it I just want to run it by you Like, you're always chill and stuff But like, it's cool if I uh drive in it right? 'cuz you've just been driving all the nice cars

It's like, it's cool if I do it? eCkSdEeE "What?" YOU'RE LYING You guys have been driving! I've been sitting shotgun all day! And why do you think that is, Rice? You CAN'T DRIVE Maybe I can learn out here, Y'know? You can't – it's on the opposite side of the road You can't even read Japanese

You CAN'T drive You can't even drive in America OK, you know what Sommer? You're just taking me for granted

I'm done sitting in shotgun with you! Imma gonna go in a different car Go See if I care! Okay! Okay fine Wait, so, are you serious though? I can't actually drive? Wait Okay Well One day you told me you'd even have your license (Dude) When are you going to have- Well, you're annoying Dude! Why don't (Really?!) I never get to drive the cars! Alright, Sommer, honestly, I was being serious I don't know if you think I was joking But like, last chance of being friends I wasn't joking , it's just- JUST LET ME DRIVE ONE MILE Why can't we be friends? You can't drive because you CAN'T drive Let me drive like 30 minutes-Alright you know what? Alright-Alright-Alright! Okay, Okay, Okay! Fine! Fine! Sommer got into a fight and stuff Like do you think I could roll with you guys? You got an extra seat No, this is for Adapt bro I know but like where is he? I don't even see him do you think he'll care if we go- Do you want to? He's not

Just get in Let's go Alright, come on! I don't think he'll care right? ♪ [I Got You – James Brown] ♪ Nah, Fuck em! heheheHAHAHA VVVVVRRRRRROOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM Awwwww sure! We outta here

There's our cameraman! Oh no! Watch out! Your head! Bro! Bro! Bro! No! No! No! ♪ [Theme from Halloween] ♪ Rodney! Rodney! Rodney! No! No, No! Watch out, Watch out! *signbangmp3* Hey, Yeah, guys, we're still on this road trip We started in London

Then we went to France, Italy, and now we're in Japan (And you're a disgrace there as well) It's just I don't know man, I'm in a weird mood, because like Sommer's just so annoying, right (lmao) it's just I really can't even stand her anymore, bro, like I just Why, what'd she do? Why's Sommer annoying? I don't know man, like, think about it man We've been on the road for like y'know 5 or 6 days We're always in these cool cars

Porsche Rolls-Royce I asked her today, "Hey, can I just drive one time? Just once?" She just laughs She would not let me drive, bro! That's messed up bro I don't deserve that (Ya you do, dont lie) Yeah, that's wack

Dude, should I unfollow her on Twitter or something? Might as well bro, that's fucked up! That is! Dude! Like You should like block her I should block her

But yo, listen Like, you think I could maybe take this for a spin after this gas stop that we're about to take? [record scratch] You can— not this car but, you could drive my car back home But why not this one? Because your car back homes like a Toyota right or something like that? [ghhAh] vrrrrrooooom bbrrOOOOM BBBRRRRROOOOOOOOMMMMM More! More! Hey, they love it! They love him! Hey, these people are hella friendly! Waving to me man! Let's go man! I got friends now! ello! Yo, these people really wait on us man! Such nice people man! Ay, we really out here

Hello! "hey they're all asian" What's up guys? Yo, what's up my brother? Yo what's up dawg? Yo! Yo, what is up in the house? Damn there's a lot of people! What's up? Ayy! Alright, guys we just got here Obviously this gumball thing that I'm in is a race and all these cars beat us there Man, like we suck, man, we're slow! That's why I was sayin' man, like, I should drive! [that's a lotta damage!] ♪ [Let's Get It On – Marvin Gaye] ♪ Well yeah guys! Man, I swear All we do is drive fast, eat good food, yknow

it's time to head back on the road man I'm so- HEY heyheyheyhey No no no bro Out! Out! how'd you get here? You took my spot! I fucking Ubered I know but like Let's go! WHOA! Dude! I know it's your spot, but like- I'm taking your headphones! Bro, how do I get home? You Uber! Bro! Damn it guys, I got ditched man! And it's gonna get awkward because I know Sommer's here and

man it's kind of awkward 'cuz we're in a fight right now hold on hey! Sommer! what's up? Dude! They- WHO? Anyone but you! Quick! Drive! Drive! Hurry! Because he's coming! No no no no no no no! I don't want you to come Dude, they kicked me out You've been mean all day to me! OK, you said I couldn't drive! Because no one wants you driving! It's not only me, it's everyone else in the car! All right it's kind of awkward, y'know

Me and you were just hav- talking Let's just play "I Spy" real quick Ugh- Fine Okay I spy something GREEN Dude you're good at this game Fuck this game Bruh- she's really just eating RICE

Yea, don't piss me off Who does that? I don't even do that And my name is Rice Like, I've got to have some type of like MEAT or something (Ricegum is gay, confirmed) That shit looks so PLAIN That's how much she likes rice That's crazy! ♪ [George Michael – Careless Whisper] ♪ [error noise] Yo guys, apparently these are like rice fields I'm really out here, I got other businesses and shit

Not just YouTube Yo – Banks and Alissa! We forgot them again! I don't know where Banks and Alissa is you guys You guys need to go Tweet at them dude I don't know where they are You guys, I needa PAY Do you need to pee again? Here

Just- Why do I always have to peeeee? Just do a little thing, I'll close my eyes Can you take the steering wheel? Oh yes, alright, here Guys, you know wh- ♪ [Theme from Halloween] ♪ [Record Scratch] Dude! This is why you can't drive! ♪ [Theme from Halloween] ♪ Alright, chill, chill, chill, chill, chill Chill, chill, chill, chill, chill, TRUST ME please! OH MY GOD guys I'M ACTUALLY DRIVING guys! Oh my god! This is all I wanted Sommer! ♪ [Kool & The Gang – Celebration] ♪ Guys! Like, that's all I wanted guys! I just wanted to drive! I wanted to feel the you know what I mean? Guys had to make a quick pit stop

I've been kind of sleeping in the car Y'know like, it's not the Rolls and stuff But it is still a Porche! But boys and girls I need to use the restroom real quick Rice! (What

) Please just go look in that bathroom It's the weirdest stuff I've- I thought maybe- (But, like, are boys allowed in there?) -like maybe I went into the wrong bathroom, OK No one's here Just I just need you to see it real fast Alright, fine, fine You used that?! Yea, I just droop- I just got real low, like this Ewww! Ewwww! Ewwww! Alright, I'm gonna use the restroom, OK mate? OK! [fartnoises

mp3] Alright guys, I swear to you She parked right here Or she parked

I don't know ♪ [Overused song #3251] ♪ But she- Where? Yo, shut up! There's no way she left me! Shut up! Oh my god, dude! There's no way! I'm lost in Japan! No one knows English, bro! Hey, have you seen Sommer Ray? Have you seen Sommer Ray? She's like a GIRL

With like this And the fat ass Sommer Ray

is out there Where'd she go? Ehhhhhhh Have you seen Sommer? Bro! They just left me [Speaking Japanese to coworker] Bro, I can't even make this up man I've been walking for four hours man Why haven't I been vlogging? No! Who wants to vlog when you're stranded in a different country? I'm figuring out my life right now Like there's no Uber! (but your friend earlier took an Uber?) So like I really just had to walk! Look at my feet! It's walking! (wow new concept guys) But since I'm on this long walk, y'know I might as well talk about a popular topic

I see a lot of people talk about my hair Making fun of my hair! "Why has Rice got ma hair looking weird?" I'm in Japan! This is the popalur haircut! Everyone has a bowl cut! I'm just trying to fit in! So stop roasting! It's going back to normal as soon as I get back! But like this is the, y'know popular wave out here! (so you change yourself so you can fit ingreat) Alright, I believe I just walk down here

Dude, my feet are so tired right now :((((( i'm so tired! But the hotel's right there, I just need to cross Alright guys I think we're here OMG, Finally

OMG I made it! Yo Today has been going rough but you gotta look on the bright side

We come home to a five-star, Flex! Always flex!, hotel Bruh, I'm not even in my room yet I know this place fancy Just look around man! We come home to this You already know what's poppin Bro, Longest Walk of my life! But good thing we come back to a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ hotel, y'know [Record scratch] What the heck is this? Yo Where am I? Yo, I wasn't expecting this man! I've been flexing on you guys with the "nice hotel" I really think I'm gonna have to sleep on the floor! I don't know! (are you fucking retarded) It is definitely a problem! Gonna figure that out later

The main problem SOMMER RAY, man! She really LEFT me and made me WALK Like, are you kidding me? Yo, listen man! I need to go find her and I need to go handle that

Alright, guys I'm downstairs in the lobby I know Sommer's here somewhere You just gotta look around, bro I smell them cheeks somewhere (wtf?) Bro, I know she's here somewhere bro I dead-ass smell them cheeks No, but like, I'm about to press her bro She's not getting away with this Bro, no, she's not getting away with this man I'm pulling up! Where is she! Bro, what? WHAT This fucking girl

SOMMER RAY Is that you? Sommer Flippin' Ray! what What do you mean what? Like what are you doing right now? Look at this! I'm enjoying the culture! Isn't this amazing? Okay but don't ACT like nothing happened! You KNOW you just left me at the gas station 4 hours ago I had to walk all the way over here My feet hurt! Like, you want to suck on my toes or something? 'cuz they hurt right now Why are you even laugh- Dude! The thing we should be laughing about is your outfit Like, what are you wearing? Heh! You're one to talk Okay why would you- You didn't even tie yours right Alright, listen man We can't just sit here and act like nothing happened I'm not sitting I just need you to say sorry for what you did

Sorry Okay, well, that didn't even seem like you meant it "Sorry!" (Like that was-) Okay, you know what

Screw this! You know what? I don't DESERVE this! (Yeah you do) Like, that sorry just seemed so weak and fake! (good) Like she just forced it out and said it just to say it Y'know? And it's like

It's not even genuine! We used to be FRIENDS and now she's just MEAN You know what? I hope everyone's having a good day I'm calling it a night

I'm posting tomorrow Peace Alright, alright, I'm low-key rockin' this Listen, man, it's time to go to dinner [stupidity

mp3] Aaaah! These low ass rooves, yo! [stupidity2mp3] These low ass rooves! Yo, listen, man, they- [stopmp3] These low ass rooves man, listen, man, they [whyamidoingthismp3] These low A$$ rooves man, listen, they just called my- [fake error sounds 2009 called and want their Windows XP back] You can end the video here because all he does is extend his video so he can have more ad revenue Like this cheap bastard doesn't have enough money If you're gonna extend your videos out to 10 minutes, replace them with fucking content

Seriously Well R3tr0pak is out See you guys and go sub to someone who's better then this cunt

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