WolfieRaps – Check the Statistics Ft. Ricegum (Official Music Video) (Big Shaq Diss Track) REACTION!

she says she like the way I get it baby you know we had our life we were to let crew with you boy Randy Philly and were back with another reaction video for yah what we got today we got beef in the streets there's beef in the streets you guys whoopee I'm a fan I like Wolfie we be trying we'd be watching wolf for these videos all the time we're fans shout out to walk me but wolf you got some beef damn I know you know that song man's not hot the thing goes you know that song I know you know the try everybody knows the track everybody who's seen the memes I don't know if you know big Shaq that's his name who made that track he got a little brother his little brother right I don't know if it's really his little brother we called him his little brother I don't know if that's really a little brother chunks aka ask me Chuck aka ask me I don't know duh Wolfie had done a reaction to the music video I didn't like it Aston II wasn't feelin wolfies reaction to I need to go back to ciass D Y is actually the biggest good I've ever seen play why does he give me the camera stink eye on I don't know he wasn't he wasn't feeling the laughing he wasn't really felt like Wolfie was laughing a little bit too hard during the reaction so I sneak not only did he dislocate he got one of these boys on the track I'm like whoa how do you guys look these boys hope these boys were the team album apples on the track this and Wolfie Tombaugh Wolfie why'd you leave the squad why you sneaking for he hit me I've said come get wolf he pressed me to pumpy head shaped like Humpty you're chasing cloud gang it was your only wish now your views are down you're sleeping with ice JJ fish la changed a you think you're nice but everyone knows you're just wallowing right then we'll be even said that he was gonna come back with the diss track come back to the district and he did and I've been waiting for it we've been waiting for it it won't really year well I think as Wolfie was on rice gum all right so uh what's his name on it – what's that doing out that that's light-skinned Whoopi's friend whooping I had it right there swaysway's it's only I guess because he he went else they were nice ways – they said they called Nick autumn all kind of stuff but yeah then you'd be poor wolfie would be broke sways I'm like damn so I know he's gonna get a little bit get in on that so I can't wait let's get into it wolf me what's this one called we call check that's the dis Doc's check this at this knocks let's get into it guys this is my first time here Wolfie rap there's my first time here Wolfie rap Wolfie wraps wrapped so I'm gonna I'm gonna be a little critical because you got raps and your name bro Wolfie raps you better come throw them raps with the baz it up bro safety you give a back you slow are you gonna say he gets no views brah I got say you got snow that's messed up dad yeah it's true cuz I didn't know Michael dapper before the man's not hot that's his real name that's there's real name Michael okay coming through let's get it I like it your big the Lord is my witness I like the b1 oh I like the name oh no I can't sup friends this one changes the taste each microwave indoors you take the physics a with the Lord is my witness take this no you don't miss it's crazy when you hear my voice though you've gone there's some busted yeah that Wolfie man Wolfie raps and Swayze baby what was that one called check this to dis tax I like that one I like that we you know what I don't know I don't know I liked I don't know I kind of like team elbow team elbows dis so wolfy I feel like they got a little bit more personal you know what I mean yeah team was going at both of them if you heard them like they were a distant team elbow and they were yeah but I feel like I feel like wolfy because that's his those are his boys I don't feel like that I don't feel like he went that hard like like you know I mean Mike Tyson knockout punch like I dunno huh I saw a different side of Ryan sways that I didn't see yeah yeah he's usually yeah he's usually mad goofy came in he came in strong yes I'm bars that I don't know I want to hear another one will you get personal then they got personal on you bro yo they called you fat you know what I mean it's a you need a better I like the beat I like the track but I wanted some stronger bar don't want some stronger no I don't mean like the bars were weak I mean like personal bars I want to hear some personal diss I really hear that from him but other than that it was cool I enjoyed it shout out to Wolfie let us let us know how you felt the ball and just know let us know how you feel if you liked it we didn't like it if you're waiting for a team to team elbow and and and what does man mean I need to come back again there might be around to who knows let us know spam it up make sure to hit the like but you know if you're not a subscriber make sure you hit that subscribe button we'll see y'all later we'll be back it's Randy it's teyla we out peace she says she likes the way I get it baby you know we got all night to live a better life this outfit I got home Tommy shoppin tonight we get in favor she says she like the way I get it baby

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