YouTube Sent Me The Wrong Play Button (10 Million Subscribers)

I know I made a video yesterday talking about I was quitting but shit I'm back Are you recording my feet? Bro, I only dressed the top! Why are you recording my feet?! But look guys, I'm not sure if you guys know this but if you hit 1 million Subscribers on YouTube, they send you a golden play button The thing is I hit a million like two years ago on my main channel and my second channel You know what im sayin

I just finally got these But I am already at 10 mil though Where is my 10 mill button?! I don't even want these! I- where is- YouTube where is the 10 mil button, bro? What are these I should have had these two years ago, bro Throw these in the pool, bro These are trash, bro Where's my 10- Doorbell Oh my Oh my god Oh my god, I think I might know what this is Oh- oh my god Oh my god! This is too good to be true I never thought this day would happen Why do I feel like I'm like a lawyer or something and I got like a business meeting I'm about to go to school YO!! THIS IS PROFESSIONAL DUDE!! LIKE LOOK AT THIS MAN!! :0 IS THIS REAL LIFE? RIGHT- And I never thought this was possible I really didn't

YouTube sent me a letter Talking bout' dear ricegum, at a hundred thousand, we thought "not bad" At 1 million we thought "wow that creator is pretty awesome" But ten million? At this point, we're scratching our heads Ten million subscribers, this is just a lot of people It's more than the entire population of New York City

You amaze us and inspire us every day, keep it coming Your's sincerely, Susan Man, that's not really good No, I don't know if they sent this to everyone like if they have a copy and paste to send to everyone- or they just sat down and typed this out just with me, I don't know, but they do us back of this It's nothing really, bro bro, is that the diamond play button?? yo can i see that bro I mean, I haven't even touched it yet I just got it

I just read the note He knows no not don't be quick I'll be quick bro How am I gonna? See you before we, oh my god? What, bro what? What is it? What's wrong? Bro, they spelled your name wrong It says ricecum see you at– just kidding Why are you playing like that? Too much number for real there you gotta get a knife, bro He's gotta cut a half of it for me And I give a small section of something right because you're mayor all the time small section did Alisa They didn't get like a small section because you were clipping it You know read the back boy yeah, my name is not spelled wrong you liar rice gum Congratulations on passing 10 million subscribers Bro, I never thought this day was possible Bro, can you go somewhere I never thought this name was possible I remember being in nigahiga house He had the Tendo button like 2 years ago

I found that I was like one day Pi in like five years this would never You know he's looking at me weird I'm I just Yeah bros bad weird had to cut back down here love me Yes power believe me, but I don't every single one of you guys made my name I know every single username because like without you guys I wouldn't be here so like and took time out of my day, so I'm gonna say Thank you to lily and everyone so if I forgot your name make sure to comment below like alright You've got my name or whatever Thank you though X the next acts I love booty make you 2x uniform what no no no No What is this Bro wait, what are you, bro? What are you doing, bro? What why you so slow, bro Where are you going dog that? Bro I can easily catch up to you

Where are you going? Behind the scenes I was like moving or something I don't know what happened but this point, bro Just slice your boy, bro That's a combo tube is sending weapons to my bro I picked it up like this or something's wrong, or I don't know from this point right here Slice your wood and I might need to go to surgery or something I don't know bro I'm kind of freaking out right now, bro

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